Tokidoki @ Macys Hawaii

  1. I tried looking at pearl ridge and ala moana.. I didn't see any but I was wondering if they were jsut sold out. I know you can buy them online.

    Does anyone know if they sell them there?
  2. The only places authorized to sell tokidoki here in Hawaii is friggin' LeSportsac. That's it. And I don't think Macy's on-line will ship tokidoki here either!
  3. what in the world!!! Hawaii is so ughhh!!! we don't get anything, but the beach and high prices! so unfair!
  4. Yeah, we don't have them. Don't bother even calling our Nordstroms cuz they don't have any either.
  5. DFS sells them in waikiki, but the prices are the same.
  6. I might trade you! All I get here is awful humidity in the summer, and snow for almost 9 months out of the year. Plus, Michigan and Hawaii have been vying for that "highest gas prices in the country" spot. I would rather have the beach, if only I could afford the higher prices for everything else! Sounds like paradise! :smile:
  7. Yup yup yup, only LeSportsac in Alas, Waiks, Waikele, and DFS. And even though I'm allergic to the ocean (STUPID, I know), the prices are more expensive here, and we miss out on Macy*s/Nordstrom sales, I still LOVE living in Hawaii~ :yes:
  8. Yes, I admit too that I love living here, Dana. I do hate how we have the shet end of some deals...but eh it's HOME.