Tokidoki Logo Wall Decals

  1. Have you seen these?



  2. Yeah, I think they sell them at Urban Outfitters eh?
  3. yeah thats where I saw them too ..but online haha
  4. Yeah, I saw them online too...we don't have an Urban Outfitters here.
  5. Those decals can easily be made at a vinyl sticker shop... I used to draw out what I wanted and have them make my vinyl car stickers (out in ghetto Waipahu).
  6. OMG, maya one day can you draw me something and I can go to waipahu and have it made?!?!?! lol.
  7. You can't just draw anything, though... If there are thin lines, there's a big chance that it won't come out right because of how the needle and machine works (it could snag on the vinyl). How about you tell me what kind of drawing you were thinking of and I can tell you if I think it could be made...
  8. ahh, i see what you're saying. I really love the rainbow, the crossbone&heart, momo peach and latte. That's all...well those are my faves.
  9. The heart and crossbones can be done... The rainbow and latte and momobella has thin lines so I don't think that'd work well unless you made them big so the lines would be thicker...
  10. ahhh i see. thanks maya :biggrin:
  11. i love the hearts and crossbones :biggrin: too