Tokidoki Insult

  1. I know most of you have been complimented on your bags, but has anyone ever dissed your bags? Today I was eating lunch at a local restaurant and across from me were a group of three women.I had my L'amore Zucca with me. I kept seeing them look at me, so I was wondering what they saw. Then, as I get up to leave, I hear one of the women say: "Look at that cheap bag she has, it looks like a fake Gucci":shocked: I was speechless... The bag certainly wasn't cheap and definitely is not a Gucci knock-off! Has anyone else had people say things like that about your tokidoki?
  2. That's so strange. How does a L'amore bag look anything like a Gucci? I am so confused. Don't let negative people get to you. They usually have issues of their own.

    I haven't been dissed really. But when I bought the spiaggia from Macy's, the sales lady (who was like past her 60's) said "oh this is kind of cute with all those weird little people." I thought it was funny because she totally doesn't gets it.
  3. How is your L'amore Zucca even remotely related to a Gucci bag? I may be ignorant so someone please enlighten me.

    I'm sure those ladies were just being bitter old farts because they're jealous they can't rock it. :p They had no right to condemn your bag!

    The closest I've had to an insult is
    "it's nice if you like cute cartoony things"
    But that's not really an insult. haha. :p
    Or "i can't believe you paid that much money for a bag!" but that's just in general.

    i think most people who want to insult me just keep it to themselves. :p
  4. :lol: weird little people! teehee.
  5. Honestly, if I were you and someone said that about my bag and I heard them, I would walk up to them and tell them off. It's bad enough that bag is like $184...and in Hawaii it would cost even more if we had it. IDK, I think tokidoki is wayyy cooler than any other type of bag that is out there and I'd call them out on their bags and how drab and ugly they look. Sorry, but I hate all bags except toki and D&B...and even some D&B stuff is ugly...But yes, I would have to tell them off.

    I never had anyone put my bags down, they always like it usually...I had one time a lady ask me if it was like "Sanrio" and I kinda got mad...but ehhh it was OK. I was like no, no, costs way more than Sanrio and yeahhh lol........
  6. aren't gucci bags less... colorful? and a totally different style? They aren't remotely the same so those women don't even know the bags they were talking about (the gucci ones)

    unless they're talking about the style... the pelhem or something :confused1: but even then... there are a lot of bags w/ similar styles... no one makes really "unique" bag styles... I mean look at a tote bag or a messenger bag... they're all pretty much a similar style
  7. oh hehe, sorry tehlilone, didn't see you posted the same thing.
  8. lol... yeah. but in all seriousness I really don't see "unique" bag styles anymore... the zucca in my opinion is rather unique because it looks like a pot (my bf said so :lol:) but still it's similar to a number of other bags that are similar to other bags etc...

    IMO both still look like totebags that had their handles extended to the bottom of the bag :shrugs:
  9. OMG! What a bunch of you-know-whats! :censor:

    OK, I have a Gucci bag... and you know what, I love Toki's... obviously! I don't understand bag snobs! (Unless it's criticizing fakes... because, you know... illegal counterfeits, deceiving people, sweat shops)

    And by the way... when did Gucci start putting cartoon milk bottles & cute little grim-reaper guys on their bags!?!?!
  10. Are you sure they were not talking about someone else? Maybe they were *admiring* your bag through out lunch and then saw someone else with a crappy bag just as you were leaving?

    (That's what I would tell myself anyway...)
  11. haha... ok now that I see the pelham gucci... I could maybe see what they mean... IF they are huge gucci fans and think it's a fake copy gone wrong.

    whatever, to each their own. I would be sad if everyone on the street had a tokidoki, I like to think that I have some style that is not the same as everyone else...

    besides, my mom hates tokidoki. she thinks its way too kiddie and too bright/colorful.... but now I Think she has just accepted my obsession.
  12. Don't worry, just blow it off. Apparently those three didn't know enough about Gucci to recognize the fact that your lovely L'amore Zucca (of which I have one) wasn't even trying to be a Gucci. :p
  13. how could anyone mistake a GUCCI bag and a TOKIDOKI bag?!! are they blind?!! :rant: even if they didn't know about tokis, it looks nothing like a gucci bag. cutesy characters resembling G patterns?? :mad: you should just ignore them bc they're idiots. they're not even educated enough about bags to make a valid diss. :cursing: :censor:
  14. ^
    i agree! true bag lovers wouldn't make this comment! they're are just being hoity toity and thinking they're better than everyone.