TokiDoki hotel room ;)

  1. I thought this would be something for all you Tokidoki maniacs. :smile:


    It's from Fox Hotel in Copenhagen! Tokidoki designed this room himself, and these are his thoughts on it:
  2. thanks for sharing :biggrin: i think the pic of my cute lilgirl is somewhere there if this room is in Denmark:biggrin:
  3. aww... it's cute!
  4. me want!
  5. Too cool! They even made Toki drapes. :p
  6. Cool! I'd love to have a room like that.
  7. That reminds me of the room he did for the little girl on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I didn't even realize it was him doing the "anime" room until they showed the picture he did above the girl's bed. I almost fell over when I realized that it was Simone and he had done a Toki room for her!!!
  8. I want to go stay in one of these hotel rooms. Thanks for sharing!
  9. okay, so has anyone seen the pirata window display? it is tooooooo cute, it has a curtain for the backdrop and its the cutest thing i have ever seen!!!
  10. That is sooooooo cute :nuts: I loved the one in extreme makeover too.
  11. didn't fox do this with 20 something of the hottest young artists? I want to know how the other rooms turned out :smile:
  12. ooooh yes i even has a lil pirate boat! ..i asked an SA about what are they going to do with it after they are done with the collaborations...they said they are going to put it away in their warehouse!! i asked if i could keep it, but they said no sorry that costed them lots of money to make it...:sad:
  13. Where is the window display, Lesportsac stores?? I got my toki pirata from Lesportsac LasVegas but there was nothing exciting in the window ... :wtf: maybe b/c that store had just opened?? :shrugs:
  14. the lamb and the cows are so cute!
  15. He should design a coffee lovers hotel room and have all the lattes in there in heaven w/pink haired girl and NO MOMOBELLAPEACHES ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!! :graucho: