Tokidoki & Hello Kitty

  1. Has anyone heard anything more than the rumor of a Tokidoki & Hello Kitty collaboration?? I say that Tokidoki & LeSportsac got me in trouble, i'm in for a whole new world of trouble if HK & Tokidoki start throwing out products!!!
  2. This should tell you something

  3. Are they just gonna make clothing & jewelry ?
  4. Wonder if Target will carry it?:rolleyes:
  5. I've read and seen the above referenced, but i'm wondering if any dates have been mentioned.

    I hope you don't mind, Stefania. I was in need of a sig. and yours was too cute!
  6. lol! I hope... altho I recently came across a hello kitty boutique at the beverly center that sold high end hello kitty merchandise so it might go the Tarina Tarantino way also?
  7. I know noooooothing, but I so badly want to know.

    I guess I shouldn't get too freaked out over it, since it's not even coming out till the end of the year anyway!
  8. Yay! The day countdown freaks me out sometimes. Well at least I have 2 diaper bags for him now! LOL nothing else yet.
  9. It'll probably be at least as expensive as the Tarantino collaberation. I'm still smarting over the diamond Hello Kitty necklaces that came out. Something so cute should be affordable for those who can appreciate it's cuteness. Or at least that's the reason that makes it ok for me to be cranky about it.
  10. Momoberry! I know that store:
  11. That's it!! The Kimora Simmons jewelry!!!! So cute, so pretty and sparkly.......:nuts:
  12. Yupp that's the one! I wanted the big hello kitty stuffed animal :smile: she had a puppy too! but honestly I don't know if I'll be getting that much stuff when he collaborates with hello kitty :shrugs: I really want July to come if they have a booth at comic-con I'm definitely hovering there for any new bits of info and merchandise
  13. Oh my i will have to buy some.
  14. I am 32 weeks with a boy! Your registry is adorable!