Tokidoki Bocce

  1. For those of you who own a Bocce... I'm curious to know what you all use it for? I mean it is simply ADORABLE but is it really practical at all? :p I love small bags but it looks a lil TOO small for me.
  2. my friend LOVES it cuz she doesnt like carrying a lot..juts!
  3. I don't like having to carry stuff in my hands, so I prefer a canguro for the days I don't need a real bag....

    Edit: and I actually just saw the portotelephono in RL today. It's way bigger than I thought. I'd prefer using that as a wristlet versus the bocce!
  4. Well, you can think of it like a wristlet! Small and carries just the essentials!
  5. My sister bought me one for Christmas (one of my favorite gifts). I can fit my cash, credit cards, keys, and cell phone in it and I usually just grab it when I am running errands because it is nice and small.

    There is a little pocket in the back for your cell phone so it won't get scratched if you carry your keys too.
  6. really? it has a small pocket in the back? wow didnt know it had it :lol: i think that it looks cute but i think it would be small for me...i rather have a ciao instead to hold my things...even though its flat at least its hands free! not unless you wanna use the straps on the bocce that would be cool :biggrin:
  7. ^ I didn't know it had a pocket in the back either!

    Hmm well currently I stuff my essentials in my bambinone (my fav style :love:) I wouldn't mind just carrying it around either! Would it fit a wallet, say something like a denaro?

    I wonder if it'll look cute in the amore :biggrin: Still trying to figure out what style to get it in...
  8. i had a bocce that i sold to someone... it was cute but too small for me (and i'm a small person so it doesn't make much sense) i guess i never really liked really small bags... it seemed like i'd always have to pay attention to holding it in my hand... give me a shoulder or messenger bag and i'm fine tho :smile:
  9. yeah thats why i choose messenger type bags, cuz im afraid that one day i might forget my handbag! lol