Tokidoki at t j maxx

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  1. My local TJ Maxx in NC had some tokidoki bags in the leo print--pretty cheap. 39.99 for the bacio, $49.99 for the imagini, and the others were all 49.99 or 59.99. they didn't have that many and that was the only print. i wonder if they started out with more? if they will get more prints? the belt bags were $59.99.
  2. I will go and check out my local TJ's tomorrow. I wonder why the belt bag was one of the more expensive? I would think it would be the least popular. Thank you for posting! :biggrin:
  3. My marshalls had some also :smile:
  4. I went to Marshalls yesterday and saw about 2 or 3 of them but didn't bother to check the price :P
  5. The only Tokidoki my TJ Maxx had was the Melodia for $19.99. They only had one and of course I bought it. Very cute!
  6. You got such a great deal on your melodia! I paid $25 for my Leo Melodia at the last LeSportsac sample sale.
  7. I saw some Matita at our TJ Maxx too in the imagini and belt bag....mostly leo though.
  8. Thanks for the post. I will have to check my TJ Maxx
  9. anyone find anything besides leo?
  10. that's what i was wondering. i'd love to find some geometric girl stuff!!! i would have bought a bag if they had better prints. i just can't get that excited over the leo print.
  11. Hi ,
    I was at Nordstrom rack in Glendale this.. they just put out a bunch of Geometric girl bags..I am buying my first so I figured I would check it ou when I called and a salesperson said they just came off the truck today ...They have the tiny phone bag ( sorry still learning all the names..) the laptop,two sorriso's ,one ragazza, serena ,bacio ,yikes there were a bunch of styles..anyway ,if you live in the area head over and see ...the prices ranged from 69$-100 something ..I remember the serena was 98 or so...

    There was also one black and white tokidoki bag ..hadnt seen that one on any sites I was searching this week

    also macy's had a few marked down an extra 25% off..
  12. the sample site has the IMAGINI - GEOMETRIC GIRL for 75
  13. nothing at the store in daly city, ca
  14. Which one in NC?? I live in Fayetteville
  15. Durham, on 15-501, but that was weeks ago. i don't think they have them anymore.:sad: