toki skate decks?

  1. Can anyone tell me a good place to pick up the skate decks. I've only seen the cactus, inferno, moofia, sushi girl, and primavera. Are there others, and where is a good place to find them at a decent price. I bought a sushi girl one on eBay, but the only place i could find the others was at shoptopia and they wanted 150 for 1!! Thats nuts..I paid like 45 for mine..Any ideas?
  2. i've only seen them at 79.95 or above.
    i'd like to find them for under as well, I want to hang them on the wall!
  3. japanla has them

    so does the official tokidoki shop

    prolly for retail price $79.95 which is still an okay price since it's art