TODs LUNAs (Pashmy)

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    I'm looking to buy my first TODs Pashmy as a casual weekend bag, and I'm looking for something that comes in a handy size.

    I was wondering if you can help me confirm the bag dimensions for the 3 models below?

    1. Luna - medium size

    2. Luna - small size

    3. Luna - Mini size

    Thanks all! =)

  2. Hi Ladies! Apologies, realised the links to the pictures don't work. Here they are again!

    Attached Files:

  3. Actually it depands on how many things you have. Basically the small size is enough!
  4. I prefer the medium because I need to carry items for both myself and my two daughters. Also, if you are looking for a cross body bag, I believe that the luna media, which the medium in your pic looks most like, can work this way and the others can't.

    Call or email Steve at the Cabazon outlets as he has a ton of pashmy on sale right now. His new email address is and he is an amazing SA!

    Check out the steals and deals thread as I will be posting on his behalf later tonight.