Tods from NM the Book

  1. I've been playing with my scanner and thought I would post some pics to tPF. This picture is in Neiman Marcus the Book Sept 2006.

    Tods Blue calfskin $1490.
  2. I thinking about getting a dark blue purse... this one is a little out of my price range, though. It is such a rich color. Thanks for posting it!
  3. I'm in LOVE with that bag!

    I'm very bag with The Book....I rip things out that I love and then recycle the rest of the book :shame: . That Tod's was definitely ripped out. There are quite a few Tod's bags that I am in love with this fall.
  4. I personally love Tods bags and have several. The are made so well and last forever. Post if you get any - I would love to see yours!
  5. Very Nice!
  6. I love that bag! Tod's are fantastic. I have the Miky Nomade, and I use it quite a bit. The leather gets softer and softer, but holds up so well. Mine's been caught in the rain, stepped on by name it. Still no signs of wear. Great buy, if anyone is thinking on it.
  7. The bag and the colour is divine!!!:love:
  8. which style is shown in the book? i don't get the book so if you could tell me, i'd appreciate it! is it the piccolo something?
  9. Sorry, it doesn't say what style it is. Can anyone else help? I'd love to know all the Tod's bags names also.
  10. that colour is nice! i have 2 tods shopping bag and they are a few of my best buys ever. their shoes are so comfy too!
  11. Thanks for the link tln! It's amazing what you learn on tPF!

    Seems to be a lot of navy this year. Even Chanel has it. I do love the Tod's signature orange though.
  12. hey maxter, since LV is out of it's mandarin for the epi line, i am looking for a comparable orange. Balenciaga is making a deep rusty red-orange this season, but i want something tidier looking. i saw a woman at my local library with a big tod's bag, almost thought i was a hermes birkin b/c of the size of it but the circular label clued me in that is was a tod's and i LOVED the color. i don't have anything orange b/c it seems very daring, but it's starting to grow on me. and i agree, varying degrees of navy seems to be the big color this season too.