Tod's E/W g-bags!

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I finally got my dslr camera from repair and thought of taking pictures
    of my g-bags collections. I hope you enjoy it :smile:

    The white bag is a leather though and comes with a leather long strap as well but I have not taken a picture with it here.
    As much as I love the coated canvas bags, I do think the leather is simply luxurious! I love it to pieces!

  2. Wow!!! Conragts, I love your bags, especially the one on the left. I never saw that color IRL, but by now I guess the G-bag is available in every color of the rainbow :smile:

    As far as the leather is concerned, t is also very nice. I might convert and buy the blue one in the F/W collection, although I still think that canvas is marvellous for everyday use. Canvas is no fuss, no worry, reasonably priced and stylish - who could ask for me?
  3. Thank you :smile:

    I wanted to get the g-bag tote in mustard yellow and beige leather, but I couldn't find any of it as everything was sold out in my country, but on my business trip to Bangkok I found these and I just couldn't help it! All of these were on sale at least 30% off and they did sell like a hot cake, everything was sold out in a matter of week so I was lucky to be able to get these e/w bags!

    I am looking forward for the f/w collections, I love the fact that Tod's decided to make a lot of these coated canvas bags and it comes in many style now!
  4. you take excellent pictures ayshaa - looks just right out of a catalogue. I love the brown G-bag - what colour is that ? The yellow that was available at the boutique sold out very quickly 2 weeks ago and they had 3 of the blue from S/S09 which is also gone. Guess there is alot of demand for the canvas coated ones.
  5. Those bags are beautiful, ayshaa. The colors are wonderful! This is one of my favorite TOD'S styles! Thanks so much for sharing.
  6. Thank you sweetie :biggrin:

    The bag on the left is not the yellow one (I was looking all over for that color but I couldn't find it!) .. it is more of a brownish than yellow. And its from the first release. I do believe these bags sells so fast and only if you are lucky enough you'll snag one, that's what I did lol I went Tod's frenzy that time! But to be honest, the leather bags are also nice.
  7. Thank you so much hun!
    I think the g-bag is what made like Tod's products, I never bought a Tod's bag before these ones and now I can't stop lol the leather bags are also very nice and affordable compared to other designers.
  8. The leather ones are lovely but a bit too heavy for me. I tend to carry alot so the canvas suits me fine. If I see a yellow, I'll be sure to let you know ! I went to your website. Your work is amazing !
  9. Thank you sweetheart for looking at my website, so happy you had the time to do so :smile:

    Yes please let me know if you spot a yellow g-bag! I hope they bring them in fall collection, but I guess not.

    Speaking of heavy.. I have the Tod's Till Hobo in black


    The first time I had to carry it, it broke my back lol I never had a heavy bag as this one, I couldn't carry it for long I kept complaining about how heavy it was, gladly after a while and after taking off things from it (and stuffing it in my assistant handbag) I got used to it. It is very hard to have to carry a heavy bag and I've learned to check the bag weight before purchasing it after this one lol