Tod's dBag compared with Miky (photos)

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  1. I will do more photos of my bags, sorry I have no time today.

    Both are in the size "MEDIUM".

    They are very similar, but for the form, the dbag is a little more big.

  2. both are beautiful! the miky is my 31st bday wish for next year =D
  4. Nice.
  5. Thanks for the comparison. Looking at tod's and this helps.
  6. Love the Miky...would you be able to post modelling photos? I just received the medium Tods d bag in creta grey, and I love the calfskin leather and taupe grey colour. It is gorgeous. The only problem is the size is too large for my 5'4" slender frame - it looks like I'm carrying luggage!! I thought the Miky may be a slimmer profile due to the slouchiness.
  7. I will try to do photos.. The size is very similar :sweatdrop: but is true I feel bigger the Dbag (and it is.. the centimeters of the base make difference)
  8. I like both . Tods bags are very classy looking IMHO. Gorgeous soft leather without logos. Sometimes that's just what you need.

    I see what you mean about the amount of room. Also the D-styling bag does not have much visible hardware. That means it won't clash with your jewelry-du-jour or coat buttons if those happen to be metal.

    I love the color of the D-styling medium.

    Redroze, they come in smaller sizes.

  9. :drool: I want that D bag.
    Funny how I never noticed Tods before but now I'm appreciating the classic clean styles, without the frou-frou, and quality craftsmanship.
  10. I've been thinking about buying a Miky bag . I have a D-bag similar to yours and love it. How has yours held up? do you love it?
  11. Buyauthentic: I love the D-bag for the design, but the leather is more delicate (and in a clear color more..) and is more heavy.
    For a day by day use, I prefer the Miky bag without doubts. Is very comfortable to hang and the leather is very resistant to scratch (included the clear color).
    If I have to choose today between them, I will choose the Miky. I am thinking in to buy another in a dark color.
  12. I love both of your bags - great colours! Is Miky bag heavy? I tend to carry a lot with me, I.e. iPad, wallet, 3 mobile gadgets, cosmetic pouch, sometimes a folder. This is why I have been in love with canvas bags but I like Miky's style a lot!
  13. Phiomega: it is not heavy, and compared with the dbag it is very light.
  14. Thank you!
  15. Thank you for answering my questions :smile: I did order the large Miky for Christmas and ended up sending it back. Beautiful bag. I ended up settling on a light color when I really wanted the Navy Blue one. So my search continues...