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  1. You are welcome, have you contacted them yet? I bet there is a sweet beagle looking for a home. ;)
  2. Wow, I just noticed that the top 4 threads here are about the G-Bag. It must be really hot...wish we had a place that carried Tod's.
  3. personally i prefer the D-bag style, but people's raves about their G-bags have made me really curious and i'd love to try one out! i really want my next bag to have a zipper though instead of a snap closure.
  4. Hello, anyone around?
  5. I LOVE their wonderful faces. So good to have someone with such a huge heart bring them into their forever homes. I especially love the pitty.
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    Sorry to ask this again, but I can't seem to find a Tod's historical expert anywhere else on the board. Does anyone know if Tod's ever printed their dust covers in tan with brown printed logo or has it always been the chocolate brown bag with mustard yellow print?

    Here's the questionable dust cover - is it an older version or is it fake?
  7. Bonanza/Bonanzle is asking Purse Forum members to input your PF username and password. For what, who the F knows. DO NOT DO THIS! Never give anyone your login information for any reason on any forum or password protected website.

    If you do, they will have access to your account here. Vlad will be making a forum-wide announcement, but I wanted you to know this now.
  8. Thanks for the info, jburgh - that feels really wrong to me and I would definitely not give them that data. Thank you also for the information regarding Tod's in Seattle. I saw a very small selection of Tod's shoes at NM at the Bravern.
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    pit_bull- did you ever get an answer to this? i have one, but i can't imagine that it's fake. it's velvet with the Tod's logo actually stitched into the dust bag. let me know! thanks!
  10. is anybody know whats name tods bag that katie holmes wearing it?

    thank you
  11. Hi,
    I am looking to buy a Tod's bag for my wife as a birthday surprise.
    I like Tod's, but just wanted to ask if anyone knows where they are ranked versus the likes of Gucci, Fendi, Burberry etc?
    Is it safe to buy online on websites such as
    Finally, I am looking to buy a Large Mocasinno. Anyone knows which color is nicer, the Orange colored version, or the Camel colored version?

    Also, is Camel color the default color that Tod's uses? And does anyone know if Tod's bags have serial numbers in them?

    Thanks so much!!!
  12. does their ballerina flats comes in size 40?? i've done some search online and the largest sz i've seen are 39. im interested in this flats.

  13. Yes, they do :smile:
  14. thks sweetie :smile: i've been searching online for size 40 but with no luck. beginning to hate my big feet lol
  15. Big feet??? - Nah! I wear size 41 and always feel lucky with Tod's since that's the size with a lot of options left since most people have smaller feet ;):p