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  1. jcoop - So sorry. They never are with us long enough. When they go, they take a big piece of our hearts. I had a lovely Siamese cat die from cardiomyopathy.
  2. Oh J, I'm so sorry. Your story brought tears to my eyes and I'm sure you were crying also recalling the moment. I'm glad you were able to be there until the end.

    Your dogs have a good life w/ you and your family, you're perfect dog owners. But it's so hard to let them go over the rainbow bridge.

  3. Since there was not a chat thread here before, thought I'd give you some information. A few months ago Vlad and Megs wanted each forum to have ONE chat thread. Now that this chat was started, I'm closing the other miscellaneous chat threads in this forum...threads like what perfume does a TOD's lover use, etc. Feel free to chat about that here.
  4. Purchased my first pair of Tod's (online)-imagine my excitement!
    My Tod's came, and I couldn't even get half of my foot in it-imagine my disappointment! My question is: Do Tod's seem to run on the narrow side? Maybe it was just the style of the shoe. I'm going to send them back for exchange, but unsure what to get (Store policy -no refunds). Help!
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    mariamarini - I think I will start a thread about shoes sizing questions. I did a search for it and there is not one. Your post will appear as the first one.

    edit: here is the link
  6. Thanks! Hopefully I'll get some good advice!
  7. YAY!!!! - Vlad gave us a shopping sub in TOD's. That is awesome. I am moving the authenticate this over there, the hall of shame and some others over there! Please start shopping discussions over there such as where do I get this, how much does this cost in my country, etc.!!!

    Can you tell I am excited about this?

    I want to make a thread that lists all the boutiques and contacts, too. Also one for the outlets.
  8. ^^ So excited for all these updates :biggrin:
  9. I just finished the list of boutiques, world wide. I put in the locations of outlets in the US and Italy. If anyone sees an error, or an addition, let me know. I am not familiar with the address convention in many Asian countries, and some of it looks inconsistent to me. I copied it pretty much word for word from the Tod's website.
  10. Tod's fans...I want to start a reputable places to buy Tod's sticky thread in the shopping area. Do those of you who buy from eBay/Bonanzle have some sellers to recommend for the thread? How about resellers? I want to focus only on positive experiences.
  11. DH and I are contemplating a beagle. We've read that they're generally a great family dog all around but we've got differing views on the issue of how to get one.

    I wanna go get one from a pet shelter believing that it's the more humane option. But DH wants a pup from a breeder. He says only breeders can ensure pedigree-ness and therefore reduce the risk of diseases and long-term pallitative care which we may not be prepared for. Plus, younger pups can be trained properly etc. I think breeders are playing God and therefore object to such selective breeding.

    I'm a first-time dog owner but DH grew up in a zoo and has far more experience than I do with pets. We're moving to a new place at the end of the year so we've got till Dec to decide.

    I wanna hear your thoughts -- pet shelter or breeder?
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    I have Corgis (pems) and am very involved with the breed. I do not show but am involved in rescue as well as a charity that provides funds to rescue Corgis in need of medical care. I also know most of the local breeders and belong to a breed club, attend dog shows, educate myself on the health problems and genetics of the breed.

    That said, my opinions on breeders vary with the breeder. I find most hobby breeders (Corgis are what I know) here in my area to be ethical. They study the breed and perform all of the most up to date medical screening on pups and parents. Dogs are shown to confirm proper conformation. Pups are raised underfoot, not in kennels and are socialized. Pups have all required shots and the owner contract is lengthy with spay/neuter requirements. This has been a bone of contention with some people who feel it is their right to have one of your pups because they have the money to afford it. I am not a breeder, but the ones I know pour their heart, time, energy, and funds to better the breed they dearly love. These people make no money off of selling a pup, and have 1-2 litters per year.

    BTW - Not all careful planning can eliminate all genetic diseases. Many problems are little understood and involve many, many genes. In Corgis, a screening test for a debilitating disease called Degenerative Myelopathy was only recently developed. And even this is not perfect. Science gives us the tools to prevent suffering. For example, if I can screen a dog with hip displasia, I will. And a reputable breeder would never breed that dog.

    Do not count on taking care of any dog regardless of their source as inexpensive. Put money away for dog care. Right now I am facing a $2000 US bill for an MRI/neurologist for one of my Corgis. And in my opinion, if you cannot afford something like that, do not get a dog. Accidents happen and the repair of a cruciate tear in a dog leg can cost up to $3000 in the US. Anyway, I digress.

    However, there are people who call themselves breeders who just crank out puppies with no mind paid to the health implications of poor genetics. So, if you are looking for a reputable breeder, you MUST do your homework about the breed and find a breeder who is ethical.

    There are also reputable breeders who for one reason or another can place an older dog with a new owner. Perhaps there is a show dog who is retired, or someone returns a dog to the breeder. A reputable breeder will always have that stipulated in the breeder/owner contract that if you must give up the dog, it must go back to the breeder. So, this may be an option for you.

    Also, breed groups have rescue functions, and if you contact the local breed club they can put you in touch with one. I have a rescue Corgi and he is the most lovable dog. He came with some emotional baggage, but I gave him a life with us, and we have been rewarded with his devotion many times over.

    We have also adopted Corgis from shelter and have had mixed results. Some people dump their dogs when they develop a health problem. Our Corgi Scoutie was an owner dump who had severe IBD. With lots of care and money she became a happy, healthy dog.

    These are my thought on the issue. Do your homework. Beagles are generally a healthy breed of dog. But they are high energy and do have that lovely voice, which is not suitable for close quarter apartment living. Also, contact member BookerMoose, she is involved heavily in beagle rescue and can give you some tips.

    Also, look here for some excellent breed related information regardless of your location:
  13. Thanks Mod. Really appreciate your sharing. I X-posted this in the eBay chat forum and got a pro-shelter stance. But I hear you loud and clear and will be sure to speak to sevearl more people before deciding how to proceed.

    Thanks too, for the reality check on costs! I must admit that is certainly gonna make me sit up! WIthout wanting to trivialise or make light of the situation, each MRI scan is 2 G-bags or more!
  14. Isn't that the truth!

    Just an addition... Most breed rescue groups get their dogs from the shelters or from puppymill busts. So if you want a specific breed, then a rescue is a great way to go. A breed rescue is familiar with the breed and can provide a good assessment of behavior.

    There is a rescue contact on this page:
  15. I really must thank you for being so informative. I never thought of a breed rescue as an option and have mostly just been looking around generic rescues.