Tod's Carey Bag opinions

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  1. Previous threads didn't really discuss the carey, so I wanted to get your opinions...

    I know that there is larger version of this bag coming out which will retail at 1245, but does anyone own the smaller carey bag from tod's? i wonder how open the top is? can you let me know your thoughts? here's a pic from elux. thanks!
  2. I love it - not sure white would work for me, but I love the bag - wow.
  3. I've never seen it IRL, but I think it's gorgeous. From what I recall of other discussions on tPF about Tod's bags, they are well-liked and of good quality. I'd like one for myself.
  4. i'm not a fond of Tod's bag. i think they're too classic but boring.
    i love their shoes though :P
  5. their shoes are great, and they match beautifully with their bags.