~Today's Impromtu Outlet Trip Yielded This..~

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  1. Ok so I randomly decided to go to Woodbury Commons Outlet today just to browse. I met the sweetest and funniest SA ever today (Jane) and I found this baby. And with the coupon she was an additional 20% off! :yahoo::yahoo:I love her she's perfect for me. I'll be going back friday for some more goodies. Thanks for looking ladies:yahoo:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Great bag! I'd have gone out today.. but I do believe after about 30 inches of snow they closed the outlet LOL. :sad:
  3. That's cute.

    I think prefer that bag in the black/white much more so than the pink/white combo...I'm not sure what other colors it comes in but I know the Coach outlet near me is pumping that bag big time. I think maybe it's "the" MFF bag right now (maybe even more so than the Peyton). They seem to have a healthy stock of them, unlike the Peyton, and SA's seem to bring unsure customers over to them more often then other bags.

    It's sweet, enjoy it.
  4. Yes the black and white does go better, i saw the pink/white and it just doesnt ooze the same effect. Thanks ladies! And bunny the snow is nothing to play with some places were hit really bad its awful
  5. I think it is a Great bag, congrat's....:smile:
  6. Very cute, my outlet is really pushing this print as well! Looks like it would be easy to carry too!

    Congratulations, can't wait to see your other goodies!
  7. Yeah, we got a min. of 30" here... I shoveled out 2 cars (lazy BH) today and I'm feeling the hurt. Been resting all late afternoon/evening to get my energy back.
  8. Very cute! congrats!!
  9. Very nice, congrats!!
  10. I too like the black and white version so much more then the others! It really is nice purchase!! Looking forward to your next purchases!
  11. That is really cute! :smile:
  12. Thanks ladies I'm so excited. I'm up to three purchases this week and more this coming weekend.I'm always so consumed with my girls well being and my husband who is currently deployed to Iraq. Between that school and work I deserved to splurge dammit lol. And dh is a total sweetheart about it he never understood my purse obsession but he never knocked me for it:yahoo:. Were 3 months and change down already on this deployment, less than 4 til he comes home on midtour leave in June and less than nine until hes home for good woot woot.:yahoo::yahoo:
  13. Congrats on the new bag!!!
    The Black and White tote is very cute!!!!


    Lynne :biggrin:
  14. I am thrilled for you, really. I bet you cannot wait for your DH to get home!!! The time is going to FLY!

    And yes, you deserve a splurge ... and you've splurged well!!
  15. wow i really like that pattern, its pretty neat! good job. I also love that "style" of bag..its comfy to wear