Today's Fabulous Purse Find!

  1. DH and I were shopping in an art shop and I came across this bag and had to have it :love: It's lined in olive silk and is so beautifully handmade! I love the kisslock clasp and optional chain strap. It's a 2-layered bag outside, 1st layer is gold satin - 2nd is a beautiful netting type material which makes the flowers and is sewn onto the bag. Holds a ton too!


  2. Cute!! That would be a nice evening bag!
  3. Oooh! Pretty!
  4. What a pretty bag! LOVE the color! Congrats!
  5. It's absolutely gorgeous.. I love it! :love: Pieces from boutiques and art stores are always great bc it's almost guaranteed that you'll be the only one that has it (and everyone else just gets to be jealous ;) )
  6. Very nice! Enjoy!
  7. It's Beautiful! Great Find!
  8. It's lovely, congrats!
  9. Oh that's really pretty !
  10. That's gorgeous!
  11. I love it! The color is very pretty and the off-set kisslock makes it very unique! A beautiful bag for the season! Thanks for the picture!
  12. Gorgeous bag! Congrats on your great find.
  13. very pretty and unique
  14. O_O!!!!!!!!

    That bag is too cute!
  15. ooooooh! how pretty!
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