Today was a Coach filled day!

  1. In addition to visiting the Coach sections of Macys, Lord & Taylor and Filene's Basement, I finally got to the Coach boutique and made my first full price purchase. Nothing major, just a ponytail scarf and ergo keyfob.

    Also I just won a chevron wristlet on eBay for $40.:yahoo:
  2. Sounds like great stuff to me!!! I think I'll visit the boutique tomorrow!!
  3. Our outlet gets their new markdowns in on the first of the month as many others do. Does anyone know if this holds true if the 1st falls on a Sunday?
  4. It's all good!:yes:
    Don't be bummed!
    I LOVE the teal!
    I have that key fob!
  5. Love the teal, congrats!