Today is National Break up day!

  1. yes, really!
  2. lol! My friend told me the same thing today! Too bad I am not with somebody. I am all lonely!
  3. ^^me too, but I sure have break up stories!:p:rolleyes:
  4. sorry to hear about those who had just broken up with their loved ones...
  5. What this day all about and who declared it?
  6. Dang i should have waited unitl today and broke up with my ex.But i did it on New Years Day! Because i couldnt wait he was a LOSER!!!!:yes:
  7. I made it thru the day ok :amuse:
  8. This came about because lots of kind people realized that to break up with a GF or BF at or just before the holidays would be extremely unkind. No one to go to parties with. No gift exchange. No one to sit in front of the fire with. No one to kiss on New Years Eve.

    Then you give everything a week or so to settle down.

    Then the breakup around Jan 11 so you can be free to find a possible Valentine date.

    I have done the Early January breakup several times. No sense in being mean to someone even if he blew it with me.
  9. I always seem to break up around Valentines day! How sad is that? LOL! (its happened twice, and I had one terrible and one FANTASTIC Valentines day because of it!).

    The sad thing is my fiancee just blew up at me (his dad is ill and even though I am being understanding he keeps flipping out over everything- he doesnt deal with stress the way regular earthlings do) over not much. I hope we dont end up confirming the break-up day! :sad:
  10. Me too! Twice... but both were pretty brutal.