Today I saw the new ergo in Macy's....

  1. I love that bag, especially in the tan with brass colors. Had to restrain myself and remind myself No MOre Bags. It's absolutely gorgeous not on the website. It helps we will have the NYC marathon, so I can't be bad. Beautiful bag. 368 dollars plus tax. It's the large one. Check it out. (Keep saying to myself, You don't need bags, this is not a good time to buy a new bag...sorry.)
  2. It is a gorgeous bag!
  3. ok, i'm obviously stupid....but could someone post a picture so i know what bag this is?
  4. What do you mean "brass colors?" The ergo line has no hardware so I'm not sure what you mean...

    I think the bags are ugly. Too much stitching, they look poorly made.
  5. this ergo line does! so i think you're referring to the older styles julesy

    the new ones have a turn lock in the front, a lot like the legacy one's but there is no stripe lining as its not part of that line.
  6. Does Macy's get exclusive Coach bags that aren't available in the Coach stores or at Is Macy's the only one that gets this?
  7. um. you can say that.

    what i think of it as is, macy's do get bags before most coach store because they are taking on pilot items e.g. carly (which is coming in december i believe, could be pushed back) as well as the ergos which is for april apparently.

    you can order it at coach (because like a customer told me, the secret to the promotional offer is not to shop at department stores but at coach stores) stores but you won't be able to view it via internet.

    and Nordstroms have (macys sometimes do too) smaller size of bags we carry, but we just don't carry that size. e.g. the stitched hobo (that's part of the Mia collection) only came in the bigger size but Nordstroms carried the smaller one. same with the optic line, never had the pouch size but i've seen it at macys.
  8. Actually! There is the legacy stripe in the Ergo totes, just not the hobos :smile:
  9. ah - well i saw the inside of the hobo but didn't bother with the tote.

    it's interesting though, i'll have to check it out, since the wristlet and the wallet didn't have the lining either, but clearly the totes are signature just like the accessories you'd think they'd line those too!

    not to mention it's the same why some and not others? oh well. my manager has the bag.

    =] i also saw her earrings and loved them, i ordered one myself and a bracelet but thats it for me this year

    because apparently we're only allowed two per year. =X

  10. I know! ughhh! At least there's only two months left in the year! I want some bangles.
  11. you're only allowed two purchases a year? or two pieces of jewelry?
  12. two pieces of jewelry

    sprinkles, did you spend all your allotment on the earrings? :P
  13. no! I don't like the earrings for me, but i'm definetly getting some bangles.