Today, I am 21!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi guys, today is my birthday, I am sooo happy! I am 21!!!!! :yahoo: But now I feel old! :crybaby: As right now I am home alone, feeling a little sad, no one is here with me yet. My mom is working, and my dad and brother are barely coming from a trip. :crybaby: Only family members have called me, and no friends!:rant: Which is sad, but you know, I am happy it's my day!! I can't wait to open gifts!
  2. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Time to Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. Happy Birthday!!! :yahoo:
    Dont get too sloppy!:tispy:
    Enjoy the rest of your day! :party:
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    Here's to a great birthday and fantastic gifts :flowers:
  5. YAY HAPPPY BDAY!!!!!! wahoooo!!! time to get DR******* :shame: :throwup: wahooo!! HAHAHHAA...HOPE ALL YOUR BIRTHDAY WISHES COME TRUE!!!!
  6. Happy Birthday! :happydance:

    just like what GTO said, it's time to party baby! :yahoo:

    enjoy your time with someone.. probably go out, treat yourself something. eat in a resto. have fun! :yes:
  7. Thank you guys!!!!! Tomorrow is the actual celebration, I am having 2 cakes, food, and the whole thing!!!
  8. that's good then. but it's still different if you actually celebrate it on your actually special day.
  9. Have a great one!!!
  10. 21 is not old... it is amazing!!!!!! Enjoy yourself and have a greatttt day!!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Happy 21st!!!!! Hope you have a great day.
  13. Wooooo! Party! Cheers, girl!
  14. yay, congrats, happy birthday! hope you have a great day! :hysteric: :drinkup:
  15. happy happy birthday!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    i felt old on my 21st good friend had just had her second baby, and a bunch of my other friends were engaged or pregnant (i myself had just gotten married!) but it passes! there's still some days at nearly 23 i feel like a frumpy old hag....then i remember i *never* have to be that if i don't want to! :wlae:

    have a WONDERFUL birthday....they are truely the BEST days of the year. milk it for all its worth!! :biggrin:
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