Toby arrived today

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  1. It seems like a nice practical bag and that is just what I wanted. I like the fact the strap is in leather, and also it is a little hard to get into like a messanger have to be in my opinion because of pocketthiefs (don't know if it is the right word or if it is Swenglish, but I hope you know what it is), Although it has toooooo long strap for me. I will take more holes in the strap and then make a modellingpic because now it just looks ridikkulus.
    I am pleased with the buy and toby is staying with me.

    Now I am off to the dentist, so the rest of the day I guess will be rather painful. Hoping the thought of Toby waiting at home will cheer me up when I am at the dentist. I hate paying a lot of money to something that hurts.:tdown:
  2. pickpockets, but I like pocketthieves too!

    Really glad you like Toby Salikons, look forward to the modelling pics when you've altered the strap.

    Good luck at the dentist, hopefully it won't be too painful!
  3. Congrats for Toby but sorry about dentist.
    I have recently replaced a crown and it costed me £390! I wonder it's more expensive in Sweden though??
  4. Good luck at the dentist Salikons, I'm going to mine this afternoon so you have my sympathy. Toby sounds lovely and I look forward to seeing the pics
  5. Oh, I'm so glad you like your Toby and I can't wait to see your modelling pics.

    I hope the dentist goes okay.
  6. I'm glad you're pleased with your Toby Salikons! Looking forward to modeling pics when you have a chance.

    Sorry you're going to the dentist though - hope it's not too horrible!
  7. Oh dear, the dentist is not a nice thought, but hopefully he will say your teeth are fine and send you on your way without any pain, except the pain of the bill.

    Glad to hear that Toby is going to work out for you. I have to smile at the name, because my very first hamster was called Toby and he had the worst bite imaginable. Hopefully your Toby will be more placid. :smile:
  8. pocketthieves would be Genglish too ;)

    congrats on your Toby, can't wait for the modelling pics! :tup:
  9. Yay Salikons glad you're pleased with Toby . Looking forward to pics .
  10. Here comes pics, and modeling pics. I ran to the leathershop before the dentist and they helped me right away.



    The dentist was ok, it is about the same prices here in sweden ratrat. I was only fixing a hole in a tooth, so it wasn't so expensive this time.
  11. That looks great with the stripey sweater .
  12. I would have had black shoes though, but I didn't think about them before, was just happy to be able to try Toby on, but now when I look at the pic, I see it.
  13. That's really lovely, Salikons and looks great on you. Congrats!
  14. Salikons have never seen this bag being worn before and it looks great!
    Glad you have finally found the perfect messenger bag, congrats! :P
  15. Perfect bag Salikons, think you have chosen really well with this, glad your tooth is sorted and that the leathersmiths were able to sort the strap out so promptly for you!