Tobacco Color

  1. Someone tell me please how this differs from the chestnut color (pics welcome) and what bags offered this color as well. Where was it offered? When? Thanks much !
  2. It's a little darker than chestnut. I think it was available in the Ginger and Maria. Some of the other members are more knowledgeable than me and will chime in with more information.
  3. Hey,

    The tobacco color, the purse ladies and I have deduced, it was a type of leather and color Kooba experimented with for the braided bags, Ginger and Maria's. So when Kooba had a moving sale these prototypes were finally seen by the public and made it's way onto eBay.

    Here is the Tobacco Color:


    and here is the Chestnut:


    I think the tobacco color has a nice smooshy-crinkly feel to it and is less brown and has more of a orange tone to it.

    Hope this helps.
  4. *Note*-I am not trying to advertise my purses, it's just the only pictures I have to compare have my logo in it.
  5. That was a pretty bag. I remember admiring it when it was listed and sold on eBay. It's such a pretty color. Too bad Kooba doesn't bring it out as a real color.
  6. I was lucky enough to buy two Kooba bags on eBay in tobacco. All I can say is that the color and feel of the leather is buttery soft and wrinkly. However, I do think it requires more care, probably a good protectant would keep it looking good. Here are pics of the two I bought. The picture of the Maria really sums up the color correctly and the folds and wrinkliness of the leather. I haven't quite managed to capture the Ginger in the same light (it's definitely not so orange as it looks), it is definitely the same as the Maria in color and texture.
    KoobaMaria1.JPG KoobaGinger.jpg
  7. I think Kooba should have released that Tobacco leathered bags instead of the Chestnut.

    The tobacco leather has more character and looks scrumptious, but the chestnut looks like 'fake sienna' leather.. were so lucky to snare two tobacco bags!
  8. I agree Halzer, Kooba should have released the tobacco. If you compare the examples of the tobacco and chestnut above, if you didn't know both were authentic Koobas, I'm sure someone would mistakenly scream FAKE at the chestnut due to the smoothness of the leather. The tobacco has more character due to the wrinkliness. It's got a sort of crumpled and worn look. It is amazing. Tobacco and chestnut are a different breed, both are beautiful in my opinion, although I personally think the tobacco is more beautiful, but a little more fragile.
  9. I think I could even take the Kylie (big building with overhang) from the Fall collection in that tobacco leather.
  10. Thanks girls, love that color!
  11. The Purse Is Also Sold By Kathy Van Zeeland In This Color, Its A Wonderful Purse
  12. Would anyone like to sell their tobacco Maria or know where to purchase one???
  13. I think there are only a few in existance, or any existance where we could get our hand on one. You could watch ebay but it'll be a long wait probably.