To Trash or not to Trash ?

should I get the n°299 trash or not ?

  • get them fast !

  • save for a new style from SS 2012

  • save for ebay just in case...

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Oct 15, 2009
In My Dreams
Ladies I need help !

I don't know if I should get the n°299 trash or not... the yellow heel stole my heart but since I can't go to any store to see them in real life, I have to order via email and I only have few pics to decide... plus there's only one pair in my size available...
what do you think ?

I don't own any trash style yet so I'm really scared since every pair is different...
I adore the n°299 trash worn by Olivia Palermo but mine won't be the same if I order...

I welcome any advice:smile:
trash owners or not, I can't wait to see what you think...
someone saw them in real life ?


Aug 9, 2010
Hmmm.. I personally don't like that style with the yellow heel. Do you think you would get a lot of wear out of it though? If so you could go for it then return if it doesn't work...


I love my shoes!
May 16, 2009
Oakville, Canada
I voted to wait for another style TBH. Like *liz, I'm not a fan of the leopard print heel either. The zebra is cute though and I have considered those but I have more than enough pairs I want that I've dropped it off my list. If you can return them (minus shipping cost) for an exchange then I would do that. It sounds like you might regret it if you don't :P
Aug 31, 2009
are there other SS12 styles you are lusting after as well? some of the CL pairs that can have so much variance like the trash, the carnivale and pollock in color patters.... that makes me nervous. i don't like it when i can't see something in advance and decide if i love the look, which would be the case with the trash.

but if the yellow heel stole your heart, and you would prefer it to other styles, go for it! it will be a bit of a gamble though, like you said.
Aug 31, 2009
edit: if you save for ebay, you could wait and buy a pair that you know for sure you like the trash pattern on. or could you have the SA take a pic first? so you can see if you like this particular trash pair?


Dec 12, 2008
I'm a fan!!! Mine are on the way! I actually did not like the other no 299 version in the Bordeaux. But these stole my heart as well! I say go for it!!


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Jun 22, 2007
I LOVE them... but I have a hard time with a $14xx price tag that has no exotic (like the zebra pair). That's my only thing.


Jul 27, 2008
speaking as a person with 3 trash pairs (2 catenita and 1 winter trash), you could say i am pretty obsessed with trash... that being said, i'm not the biggest fan of the No299 Trash, and it is a total crap shoot what design you will get.

i suggest if you love it enough to ask the SA for pics of the actual pair you will be getting.


Jun 11, 2011
Wild and Wonderful WV...DC area
Ok, Petit, you say you love the yellow heel...ask yourself a couple of questions...
can you pair it with what is in your wardrobe?
Does it fit into your lifestyle?
Is this a passing fancy on a gorgeous shoe or will I still love it, the style and the color in 2 years? If not will you be able to resell it fairly easily or will it be a hard sell??

I have a couple of styles/colors/materials that I know may not be "in style" a couple of years down the road but I (at this time) love them enough to keep them in my collection. I know that if they go "out of style/color" I can pair them with my closet or they are easy to strass/glitter or DIY. For me I'm apprehensive about getting a Pollock not knowing what color combinations I might get...a TON of yellow would be more difficult for me to intrigate into my wardrobe...but I love them and may take the risk soon!!!