To tell or not to tell? Fake Speedy!

So my bf and I hang out at another couple's apt quite frequently (the boys are good friends) and a couple of months ago, the friend bought his gf an "LV" speedy 25. I was immediately suspicious that it was a fake when I first saw it and asked him where he got it. He said he got it from the net (uh-oh) and it cost him $300 (uh-oh). I immediately told me bf I thought it wasn't real and his response? --"Oh". On several trips to the bathroom, I quickly inspected the speedy so as to not arouse suspicion (it stays in the hallway). It is a fake indeed - the monogram looks like it's painted into the leather, the lvs are a very bright hue of orange, there are not 5 nice even stiches on the place where the handle attaches, the vachetta is a weird orangey color (not patina and definitely not the original vachetta color), and the O's are not perfectly circular.

My original impulse was to tell her, but then I thought that it would make her feel bad (and her bf too), so I didn't. What would you have done?
Maybe you want to tell the guy in private, not in front of his gf so it won't embarrass him. Let him know so that maybe he can get his money back, and at least to let him know for future reference. Then if he wants to tell his gf the truth, its up to him. That sucks though, I hate it when people get ripped off
I wouldn't tell her and he knows already so IMO it's his move. He can actually go buy a real one for more $ and take this back to get his money back.
some thing like this happened to me and we would watch movies and i would go up stairs and rip the stiches out of the handles and bag so she could get rid of it.
I was shopping with a friend and she pulled out a horribly fake LV wallet...and I was like "oh did you pick that up in georgetown the last time you were in DC?" because i had never seen it before and thought she may have gotten in the last time she was there a few weeks before. She looked at me and was like, no, my aunt got it for me as a gift and she told me it is real, I love it. And I was like like oh... and quickly changed subjects!

I felt sort of bad, she never brought it up again, but she knows I'm a brat about purses, so I'd know those things, at least with somethign sooo horribly obviously fake! I don't think I'd comment on it again if I was in the situation...its not my place. If they want to check the authenticity there are so many sources of information on the web.
kathyrose said:
I wouldn't tell her and he knows already so IMO it's his move. He can actually go buy a real one for more $ and take this back to get his money back.

I don't know, I'm thinking maybe he wouldn't know...? A lot of guys are pretty clueless when it comes to these things
yea.. I'll probably just not mention anything to spare any hurt feelings. The guy would probably feel ripped off and the girl would just feel disappointed that the speedy is fake. I really hope there won't ever be the chance that there'll be a real speedy beside her fake one... then the differences will be very obvious and I woulnd't know what to say.

Plus, I'm not super close with her so I don't feel like it's my place to say anything. And it probably would make things really weird if I did.

Thanks for the advice!

But EVERY single time I see it I just *cringe*...