To Sole or not to sole

  1. I need your opinions :p. Should I have my new Louboutin's soled with red vibrams before I wear them, or should I go ahead and use them and have the soled later? I'm thinking if I have them soled right away They'll last longer? Please answer! I've only worn 1 of my Cls and i have others that still need to be devirginized into the real world.

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. I used to worry about the soles, but I no longer do. I suppose I will have them resoled when they need it. But hey...all the celebrities don't worry about it, so why should I? ;) (Of course, I don't have millions of dollars to blow...but whatever.) lol
  3. I think it's personal preference. You will need to resole them anyway, eventually, I would think, so it's just what makes you have peace of mind.

    Personally, I've just worn them and I plan on getting them resoled later, once they've worn down more. IMO, they're shoes, so they're made to wear... :smile:

  4. Someone mentioned this in the vibram thread and said that their cobbler told them to wear them before soling them, apparantly it means they don't need to grind down as much or something?

    Or maybe they just dont like to ruin the red soles as much as we don't lol

  5. Yes, it was mentioned. Regarding someone's wedges, the cobbler said to resole first so he didn't have to level them in order to resole. Perhaps it takes more work, because the shoes wear unevenly and won't have a good flat foundation for a fix. If you resole first, that won't be a prob... but isn't that the cobbler's job? ;) However, I figured that this just applied to wedges.

  6. LOL! I think that was me but my cobbler didn't say that he said to get them resoled before wearing them so they DON'T have to grind them down. It would already be leveled or something like that. I should go ask him again the next time I see him.
  7. I don't think it's a big deal anymore. I did before though! I even have a pair of CL's (black leather VPs) that have black soles..but I feel good wearing them because I KNOW they are CL's. Doesn't matter if others can't tell! If you really want the red sole, go ahead though. Spend your money the way you want! :amuse:
  8. I wear my shoes first and get them resoled later. But most of the shoes I've had resoled are leather soles (Choo, Manolo) - I haven't done it with the CLs yet because the soles last longer.
  9. The cobbler somewhat sands them down before putting the rubber sole on them anyways, so it really does not matter. Worn or not, they will be buffed down regardless.
    IMO you might as well wear them until they need to be re-soled.
  10. My SA told me to wear them a good bid before resoling so that's what I do, I havn't had a pair get resoled yet.
  11. Since I'm the world's biggest klutz I get all my shoes resoled before I wear them, and when I get my Ernestas I'll do that as well. Nothing beats having some traction when I'm walking instead of doing an ice skating routine!
  12. I think eventually I'll do this for a few that I wear a lot, but just to take care of the shoes, not to preserve the entire sole as red.
  13. I only resole as needed except for one pair that I wore in a wedding that had to be dyed first and the bride wanted us to do it but it wasn't done in red. I usually want to wear my shoes soon after purchasing so I wear until I can't wear anymore LOL!
  14. I used to resole all my shoes as soon as I got them but now I just don't really see the need to do that anymore. Eventually once they're worn down I'll resole but I say for now just wear them and enjoy them!! :tup:
  15. Ok, I just got back from the cobbler again and asked him why I should resole before wearing them. He said if the shoe is leather at the bottom it is a good idea to resole first because leather soles were not meant to be worn in wet conditions. The shoe will absorb the water creating damage on the sole. If you resole before that happens your shoe will last longer. He said that the soles on CL shoes are definitely a polished leather. I guess were I'm located, I should resole first because it rains a lot here.