To say goodbye or not????

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  1. I need some of your thoughts on whether or not to keep or sell my beautiful alma pm in rouge fauvist handbag to help fund another bag. It was my first LV bag that I carried for a solid 4 months 4 years ago and it has not been used since. The color is the most beautiful color LV has come out with imo. I'm not not a small or cross body bag girl, but not oppose to purchasing a long strap to use on the shoulder if able to still order in this color. Would greatly appreciate all thoughts and comments. I'm in a quandary!!!! PLEASE HELP.
  2. What's the new bag?
  3. I don't think the alma pm is that small, imo. Anyway, is there a reason you stopped using it? It's your first lv bag and you sound hesitant about selling it since you've had to ask so I would say don't sell, and consciously make yourself get more use out of it. Even more of a reason not to sell is that it is a discontinued/limited edition colour. It's not like it's a canvas bag you could easily get again.
  4. If it's your first LV bag I wouldn't sell it. My first LV bag is a Speedy 30 in Ebene and I can't imagine selling it ever.

  5. +1
    I can't imagine selling my first LV either. However, I still use it nearly every day, so I'm getting much use out of it.
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    I love the Alma. I think it's Louis Vuitton's best bag. If I were a woman I would have the Alma in every color and every style, from Alma Voyage to Alma Nano.

    But if you're not using the bag and you need the money to fund your next purchase... selling should be considered. I have bags that I use two or three times per year only, but I still use them so I wouldn't sell them.
  7. I'm the same. My first bag I bought with my own money was an Azur speedy 25. I Haven't used it in a couple of years but I'll never get rid of it either. Too sentimental! (Maybe I'll use it again once I replace the vachetta)
  8. Firstly, we need to know which bag are you going to buy? 🤔
  9. I would sell it if you don't use it.. It is just waste of money .. You could get a great deal now after 4 years and fund a new bag which you will love more and also use.. You don't have anything from it having a bag which you don't use just because it was your first lv bag .. I always sell bags which i don't use anymore and fund a new one which i love more and use more .. So if you haven't used that bag in the lastcouple of months then sell it ;) bags are not exibition pieces .. You should use them or sell them especially if you haven't used it for a very long time ;)
  10. If you've used it before, chances are you may end up falling in love again! The alma is also such a classic style that I'd regret selling it!

    I sold a Saleya PM recently after immediately falling in love with my Deauville but even though I had used the PM a lot, I always found it to be small and restrictive for my needs so it wasn't love to begin with. If it's the same with your Alma too, then sell it!
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    I think the Alma is a beautiful and classy bag. I think you are not ready to sell it. It sounds like the purse still pulls on your heart. If I'm wrong, then sell it. :lol: For me, selling a purse does not mean I think it is not beautiful or a good purse to own. I just think another purse would suit me more. When I get that feeling, I just sell it to a buyer that was looking for that purse. I think the Alma PM is a medium-small size bag, but it matters what you think. I don't always think just because a person uses a bag sparingly means that should sell it. To me, I would ask will you miss it. :smile:
  12. Either Chanel's trendy cc woc or the same in the handbag. Also interested in the chevron square mini flap. I have always loved the LV melrose and never purchased it, so maybe one that is preloved. what do you think about my list?
  13. Keep the Alma.
  14. Keep the alma! Find a strap for it?
  15. Keep your first Alma. If you sell it, you may regret it and you will never find one in the same condition. Plus that color is pretty:smile:)) You can always save for the Chanel bags you want. We all have something we do that costs money. I was on a Starbucks kick.....until I calculated that I spent about $70.00 a week in coffee. ....