TO SAs: Does Coach penalize customers for returns?

  1. I am hoping that the SAs on this forum is able to provide an insight on this topic. I am curious as everytime I am unsure about ordering a bag I've never seen before, the SAs always encourage me to order them and bring them back in if I don't like them.

    And every SA says that. They say it's good customer service that Coach is providing but I also read on the forum that apparently Coach stops sending you the PCE card if you return excessively.

    So what is a good way for Coach to bring in a purse you want to look at without having to buy it and return it if you don't like it?
  2. I am not an SA but I don't think returning something affects you receiving a PCE card. I have never met anyone who returns stuff as often as my friend. She returns at least one bag a month and is constantly exchanging stuff. She is never satisfied with a purchase and it may sit in her closet for months and then she returns it. Despite all of these constant returns, she always gets a PCE card for every event. So, I don't think that will affect you receiving a card. Just my two cents.
  3. I'm sure if it's suspicious or excessive returning, they may flag you, but I don't think it will affect PCE.

    And by suspicious I mean that you are returning things above and beyond what you are actually purchasing (claiming them as "presents" without gift receipts, etc.)... like 5 or more bags a month. I used to work for a Coach vendor, and some people would buy bags they don't want at a markdown on eBay, and return them to the store for a store credit (with the eBay markdown factored in) and get a bag they do want.
  4. It's terrible that folks would return bags they buy on eBay to Coach stores, I hope they don't start being strict about their return policy and affect regular gals who just can't make up their minds in the stores. Like me.
  5. i'm an sa...we don't penalize for returns, and it definitely doesn't affect how pce is chosen! just make sure to hang on to your reciepts, they will flag you if you return excessively with no record of your purchase. :smile:
  6. ^^
    do you guys actually have a button/key/option to "flag" someone? i mean, does the warning show up on the screeen when you check someone out? how do you handle the transaction when you're checking someone out and you see that they've been flagged?
    just curious b/c the "Coach restricting/banning customers policy" fascinates me.
  7. ^^ something funny happened to me today while exchanging a boutique bag @ the outlets today. There was some misunderstanding that in addition to the Ergo I was returning (which had the tags & receipt) I was trying to return a Hippie that I was actually trying to buy. The manager came over to the SA that was ringing me out & told her to "do this" for her after the transaction; and proceeded to write something down. The SA looked concerned & it seemed to fluster her. When she was done ringing me the Mgr came over again & instructed her to do what she'd asked her previously... The only thing I could see was that they re-printed my receipt & then walked away with it.

    I was a little concerned, I wasn't sure what the problem was... the only thing out of the ordinary about the transaction was their misunderstanding that I was returning the Hippie w/ out a receipt. When it was clear that I was buying not returning it, she made the comment that she didn't think they had any of those bags in stock. I mean why would I smuggle a bag into the store to re-buy it?!

    and why on earth did she need a duplicate copy of my receipt?!?! SA's can you shed any light. I really feel like calling Customer Service & inquiring... it made me feel like a criminal!

    ETA; I returned a $458 bag & purchased a Pond Satchel, a Whiskey Satchel & a Black Hippie.. paying $400 out of pocket. No duplicate bags (presumably a Ebay flag), and they still ended up w/ a $400 sale. What on earth did they think I was up to?
  8. ^^interesting... hopefully an SA will chime in.
  9. gosh, the way they were acting would make me feel like a criminal. I really don't like that. I actually returned the green Bleeker large flap today and as soon as I walked into the store, 3 SAs looked at my Coach bag and knew I was returning. From then on, I felt like they were giving me the "evil" eye. It might be just me but I just see them peaking at me every once in a while. :confused1:

  10. Yes, it is terrible, and I suspect that it happens quite a bit. I sold a bag on eBay to someone who is a member of this forum and she did exactly that - returned it for a FULL credit toward something else. :push:
  11. That's horrible!!! Do they have a decency to do things like that? :cursing:

  12. Okay, I am intrigued. How would you know they returned it?
  13. Well, one SA told me I didn't have to have the receipts so for awhile I stopped looking for them eventhough they pretty much all sit in a box.

    However, I am now a little paranoid about being "black-listed" like that lady from Filene's Basement on ?Dateline? with the number of returns I have made.
  14. Uhm, yeah... she PMed me. I just about fell on the floor when I read it. :shrugs:
  15. haha ok now YOU intrigued ME! How can you be blacklisted from Filene's basement? Or anywhere for that matter? I dont really understand this coach flagging- can they actually prevent you from shopping in their store if you made a couple of returns without receipts? I just made a return of a gift without a receipt and now im getting scared that the next time I shop at coach something will pop up on the screen and theyll think im some sort of coach badass. :lol: this whole thing is crazy- how can they blacklist a paying customer?:girlsigh: