to return or not to return? your opinions, please!

  1. Ladies, I have a dilemma. Last month, I bought an MJ bag from NM online called the Melinda hobo. To complicate matters, I got an incredibly good deal on it, thanks to a booboo on the NM website, where it was listed for one day at $795 instead of the real list price of $1095. It's a gorgeous bag and I have already paid $200 on my CC bill towards it. But no one ever posts about this purse on here and I never see anyone carrying one IRL. My friends think it's cute, but why does no one on these boards ever mention it? Should I return (knowing that saving some $$ is always a good thing), or keep, since I got a great deal on what I think is a really pretty purse? Here's the link to view:
  2. If you love it then keep it. Its not the last MJ bag you are going to buy and it can be the "interesting" or "different" bag in your collection. The one no one else has!
  3. I say keep it! It sounds like you love it! gooddog is right, there are so many MJ bags out there, that everyone has one that is obscure in their collection! I think it's gorgeous!!
  4. I love that bag! If I knew it was on sale I may have scored one myself! LOL.

    You should keep it if you really like it and can use it a lot.
  5. Agree with gooddog and marclover, it doesn't matter if anybody else loves the bag, as long as you do, so keep it and enjoy.:yes:
  6. I think it's gorgeous... and I think it's uniqueness is a GOOD thing in terms of celebs wearing it and what not.
  7. I think it's beautiful, and you must have when you bought it, right? You're already using it too, if you're getting compliments? I think you should keep it.
  8. if you like it keep it :o)
  9. I would keep the bag. The bag is beautiful, and plus, it's a good thing when not everyone in the world has the same bag as you-it makes you unique. Although if I got that great of a deal on it, I might have had to buy one too!
  10. It looks really pretty, Id keep it
  11. I think it's cute. It's great to carry a bag that no one else has!
  12. Very cute-
  13. I'd keep it, and it's always good to be unique. ;)
  14. Keep it
  15. Thanks for the positive feedback. I've been leaning towards keeping it, but after seeing NO ONE post about this style since it came out (except me, LOL!), I was starting to doubt my own judgement.