To Red Epi Pochette Owners...question please...

  1. is yours the new red or old red and does it have gold or silver hardware?

    Thanks....I want the new red with gold, but don't even know if it exists :graucho:
  2. :search:Anyone?
  3. My bf's SIL just got one... It's the new red with silver hardware.
  4. I have the new red with silver!
  5. me too new red silver
  6. new red silver
  7. I've with gold hardwares, it's old version. The latest is with palladium
  8. Yup, new red has the silver palladium hardware
  9. i like the epi red with gold hardware. i don't think i'm going to see one new.

    elux pictures have the gold hardware though (if you pick the red cles). :shrugs: