To pochette or not, that is the question

  1. OK ladies I need some advice. Yes I am sold on the Azur. I love it. I went today and couldn't decide between a Speedy 25 or a pochette with a keychain extender. I cannot afford both right now. I have no pochette. I do have a speedy in Epi myrtille but I wear it to death with jeans.

    Pochette is cute, goes on the shoulder, great with jeans. A bit on the small side but it can fit my wallet and cell phone, etc. Great for shopping.

    Speedy: More roomy. Not a shoulder bag so not great for shopping. But, I can carry my sons small toys when we go to dinner.

    Will the speedy have more problem with color transfer with denim?

  2. I say to Pochette :smile: I so want one! And seeing you don' have one yet...
    But on the other hand, the Speedy is of course gorgeous.
  3. since you already own a speedy, might as well try the pochette...i love the pochette and find it very useful!
  4. Try a Pochette!!! They're cute, and since you already have one Speedy, having a pochette adds some variety~! Besides (if in Azur or Monogram C etc) a pochette is cheaper, so you'll have some money left over to head-start saving for a speedy next~!
  5. I say go for it. I'm getting my first because I hate lugging around my big purses to work now. They're the perfect size for all the daily essentials.
  6. I'd go for the Azur Speedy 25. You can never go wrong with more space, especially if you have kids !!!
  7. I haven't had any of my bags have color transfer with jeans. I would buy the speedy now and get the pochette later!
  8. speedy!
  9. Well, I did it and bought the Azur Speedy. Travelbliss, when you mentioned more room and having kids, you totally sold me! I didn't think I would get as much use out of the pochette and I can always pick that up later.

    Even though I won't be wearing the Azur much now cause winter is coming, I still love it!!!!!!! It looks so cute.
  10. ^^Congrats!!!! That's what I was going to suggest. You can get a LOT of use out of the 25 since it holds a ton (surprisingly!) and goes from daytime to nighttime very easily.
  11. get the pochette!! u already have a speedy, and the speedy is very easy to get colour trasnfer one side of my friends speedy 30 has red of it, she said it would be easy to clena off, but she never got around to it so i don't know if the red will really come off
  12. Get the speedy! I have a little color transfer from my jeans on my azur speedy, but I wasn't super careful either.
  13. I say get the Pochette now and get the speedy later. I love pochettes. I have 2 of them (1 mono & 1 Azur) I use them ever single day inside my purses. It makes it really easy to change purses everyday when everything is organized.
  14. Great choice! I think you'll get a lot more use from the Speedy. The pochette is soooo small. I had one but sold it because I never used it since it was so small.