To My LV Friends

  1. Hey guys we are in the process of moving so I don't want anyone to think if I don't respond to ya that I don't care I am just going to be MIA for a couple days until I get internet service at the new house.

    This is sad because I am supposed to be packing because the movers come tomorrow but I am addicted to this LV forum!! Miss you guys for a couple days!! :crybaby: LOL I am pathetic!
  2. Your post is too sweet....Have a good move!!! We will miss ya too!!!
  3. we will miss you too. till we meet again :crybaby:
  4. Good luck with your move!!! See ya soon! :flowers:
  5. Happy packing !!! we will miss you too..
  6. Thanks for signing off with us...we'll miss you and we'll be here when you get back!
  7. We'll miss you! Good luck and come back soon.
  8. Good luck with the move :smile:
  9. Come back soon!
  10. Good luck with your move! We will miss you too and hopefully you'll have an even bigger closet to fit all your new LV's!!! ;)
  11. good luck with your move and hope to see you on soon!!
  12. Come back as soon as you can!!! I will miss you :smile:
  13. Good luck with the move! Come back soon!
  14. EEK!!!! the tPF birthday giveaway winners are announced tomorrow arent they???!!!!???? try and sneak on somewhere tomorrow so you can know
  15. Have a fast and easy move!!! Will miss you!!!:flowers: