To my dear MIL ...

  1. Hello,

    Just coming back from my first ever real holiday without the baby :smile: *stuck at home with the newborn for more than one year :p* Finally got a chance to go ... Thanks to my dear mother-in-law who took care of our baby for 10 days :tup: and here is our gift to you and hope you love the kelly :heart:

    I saw lots of birkins in Monte Carlo, sort of just a normal day to day handbag for the locals over there (birkin isn't so luxurious for them, i think). I also saw a lady carrying a toile birkin with diamonds on the hardware and another lady with her gold birkin, DH and their ferarri, all at my hotel in Geneva in one day :nuts:

    I quickly took the kelly pics before handing it over to MIL :smile:

    Pics 1: me still fresh and ready to fly for 15 hours
    Pics 2: me in Geneva
    Pics 3: Kelly 32 epsom sellier with PH bought in Nice
    Pics 4: same as before without flash
    Pics 5: H window display in Monte Carlo
    tpf2.jpg tpf3.jpg tpf4.jpg tpf5.jpg tpf6.jpg
  2. Wow! Sing Air, hahaha, that's the best way to fly. :yes:

    What a generous gift for MIL, she is so lucky! I hope your trip was lots of fun and you bought something for yourself as well.
  3. HI BirKineSS!

    So glad you got to take a "real" vacation and you are a darling DIL for thinking of your MIL this way! The Kelly is gorgeous and I am sure she will be so touched. :heart:
  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!! that is so sweet!!! congrats to your wonderful MIL!! if my MIL ever did the same thing for me, don't think i would even think about buying her anything H, only because she is careless and spills food and drinks all over her bags! (she once hid giant crablegs in her LV bag when we ate at a buffet!!! OMGGGG!!) you're such a great DIL! lovely pics too!
  5. Aw, you are such a sweet DIL! Glad you enjoyed your trip and thanks for sharing your pictures! And I agree, Sing airlines is the way to go!
  6. What a wonderful gift! Sounds like you had a great time on your trip.
  7. Welcome back BirKineSS! Congratulations on your new beautiful Kelly.
  8. Looks like you had a great time!! I'm glad you all enjoyed yourselves. Congrats!!
  9. OMG you are the best DIL ever! What a fabulous trip, and such a thoughtful present! She will treasure it!
  10. what a wonderful trip and love all the kellys!
  11. How wonderful to get away with your DH for 10 days! Such a sweet (and gorgy) gift for your dear MIL.
    Thanks for the pictures.
  12. Beautiful Kelly... :heart:
    Most importantly, I'm glad you had a fabulous trip. Your MIL is definitely lucky to have a thoughtful DIL~!
  13. Sounds like a lovely (and much needed) vacation - good for you!
  14. You are so amazing to buy your MIL a kellybag as a thank you. That was wonderful that she watched your baby for 10 days. I hope you had a fantastic trip!

    :roflmfao: I can't believe she hid crab legs in her bag.
  15. How sweet of you to buy her a kelly bag. I would even consider babysitting for 10 days for an H bag :smile: