To Much Logo !!! When Is It Over Kill ?

Jan 23, 2006
I wish I still had the picture for this one, but !! anyway, I once saw Lil Kim (famous rapper )dressed from head to toe in Christian Dior logo clothing.
dress, boots, glasses,hat, coat and Bag.

My question is how much logo is to much? and how far would you go with your logo?
I actually very rarely carry my Speedy because of the logo... I feel like it overwhelms me. I don't mind the Chanel double CC logo, however, maybe because it's not done in a repeating pattern.

Most of my handbags are designer but logo-free.
Lil Kim is such ewwwww...

If the bag with logos is a huge bag, then that's as far as I'll go. But if it's a small bag, then I might throw on a matching scarf or sunglasses.
I know exactly what picture of lil Kim you are talking about. I think she was int he Rasta collection. PERSONALLY, I think if you have a logo bag you dont need anything else logo.I would not go far at all.
I only have 2 logo bags, and when I wear use them, everything else is pared down. I've seen people wearing matching logo shoes and bags, and I personally think that is too much.
Yes, only one logo item at a time is a good amount.

I like the burberry coats that have the check inside the sleeves so if you roll them up, you can see it, but an entire check sweater would be way too much!
Definetly one logo at a time..if it's exposed.
Matching wallet is fine because it's hidden in the bag.

I once wore my Gucci hat with the matching pouch and realized I looked silly. At the same time I found it strange to mix designers so I couldnt wear my Gucci hat with my LV mongoram (just wrong!)
So in the end my Gucci hat has been collecting dust for years! :suspiciou
bethany said:
isn't there a nude picture of Lil'Kim with LV's all over her skin? how trashy can you get?
logos are so tacky when overdone.

Actually, I believe that is a David La Chapelle photo. Am I mistaken? I think he's amazing. If he wanted I would have modeled for that picture.
I don't like to advertise for free- Even my LV has the mini repeating monogram, somehow I feel it is more discreet -the black linking C's on Chanel are good on black - I hate the big white C's on the black Cambon totes. Just too loud IMO. Shoes with ANY repeating logo are a definite no-no for me.