To: MC LOVERS-Advice Needed

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  1. Most of you probably are aware of my recent Black MC Petit Noe purchase. But now I want a matching wallet. I just don't like the idea of having too many line going on at the same time.

    So I'm wondering if I should get the MC Porte Tresor International or the Koala wallet. I love the Koala but I already have one in Mono. I just find that it is so cute in the MC line. But because I already have it in mono, I'm leaning more towards the PTI wallet.

    If I get the PTI wallet, should I get it in Black to match my new Petit Noe or should I get it in white and mix it up to make it more fun ( I don't mind mixing black and white MC)?

    Or should I just forget the fact that I already have a mono koala and get it in MC too?
  2. Get the one you really want. Otherwise, you'll get the pti now and in a few weeks or months you'll get the koala anyway. I do this all the time, so I've learned my lesson. :shame:
  3. AGREED! :yes: But all the choices you have are REALLY NICE! :wlae:
  4. I say get the black wallet in the koala or PTI but not the white. I owned the PTI in white and have a black one now. They are very pretty but white gets dirty over time. Especially since we handle our wallets constantly. But that's just my opinon. :smile:
  5. I think mc pti is the most beautiful wallet LV has ever made, so my vote goes for that.
    But black or white :confused1: I cant help because I just love them both :heart:
  6. what about an epi colored wallet? it wouldn't show the dirt, and it wouldn't 'match', but it would still go!
  7. I love the white MC...but I think the PTI is a bit too big. Whatever choice you make, pick the white MC so it will stand out more. :smile:
  8. Have you considered the black MC French Purse? I find the PTI too large and the Koala looks a little naked without the leather trim :lol: .

    I have the FP and love it :love:
  9. I have the MC koala in white and I love it to bits. You may want to consider the space u need too. The PTI has more space but the koala's cute and compact. Like u said, since u don't mind mixing the colors up, u may want to consider the white for a bit of fun. Good luck with your decision.
  10. I say get the Porte Monnaie NM in black MC. I have one and I love it. Not only is it totally spacious (holds my checkbook, has 6 card slots, and a zippered pocket for bills and change), but it doesn't have any exterior vachetta trim so it will stay clean and beautiful a lot longer than a PTI. The Koala will stay clean and pretty for a long time too, but assuming you carry a checkbook, the Porte Monnaie is more practical - since LV doesn't make a MC checkbook holder. :smile: Also, since it's a little larger, it will be easier to dig out of that gargantuan Petit Noe!
  11. I agreed with *jazzybelle* Porte Monnaie NM in black MC would be practical besides being easy to locate in the MC Petit Noe. The MC Koala is very compact, you might find yourself fishing around the Noe looking for the the little cutie.:blah:

    However the choice is yours to make. You should choose what makes you happy.:yes: :flowers:
  12. ITA, plus sometimes if it's the same style, it makes it easy to switch ;)
  13. ITA with jazzybelle and pinkiwhatever99. I like the Porte Monnaie NM in Black MC.:yes:
  14. PTI in white, but I'm being biased since I have one myself.
  15. Texas Girl

    I know what you mean. They are both GORGEOUS!


    I will consider the french purse. I don't know why I dind't think of it. Maybe because I wanted the FP in the Azur line.


    The thing is that I already have the Porte Monnaie in the Groom line, which is why I'm in between the PTI and the Koala and after Livethelake suggestions, I am now considering the French Purse. It does make sense that with the larger wallet it will be easier to dig out of the "gargatuan petit noe" ;) . Ay, yay, yay so many decisions to make.