To line or not to line?


Should I line my Cozy?

  1. Line it

  2. Don't line it

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  1. For those of you with LV coin purses, do you line the inside with anything to protect it from dirty coins? I know of one TPFer who lines her Cozy with business cards to protect it.

    As you may know, I recently bought the Black MC Cozy. I was wondering if I should line it with something before using it! :nuts:
  2. I don't line mine. I probably should but don't. I keep my change in my Cerises Round and it's a bit dirty, but it's got a different material inside (like that of most of the Cles', somewhat easy to wipe off), so it's not that hard to clean if it needs it.
    As for the wallets, well, they're meant to be used, they're wallets, after all.
  3. The inside of the Cozy is vachetta! :nuts:
  4. I would just clean it on a regular basis... it's meant to be used, just make sure you take reasonable care of it. Enjoy!!!
  5. Personally I'd feel a lil silly lining my purse.. since it's supposed to be used! Keep an eye on it and if it gets a lil dirty maybe use a baby wipe? :smile:

    (I hit my 1k woo!)
  6. Do whatever you feel is best for you and your lovely LV! I don't line my wallets but I line all my bags with a thin piece of craft foam. They're almost no weight at all and the right color blends in with whatever color my bag interior is. The best part is that, even though I'm klutz & am always spilling things, the inside of my bags are in totally immaculate condition. hee hee hee.
  7. Yeah I know, the inside of my black MC PTI is too but still...I wouldn't want to baby it, it's supposed to be used. That's just me though.
  8. I totally agree with this...I would baby some of my bags, but never the inside of my wallet. I've had my CB Porte Monnaie Plat for over a year now and although I don't use it much, it was pre-owned and I've put coins for a month straight in there, it still looks great.

    Edit: You could always spray it with Apple leather protector or something...I'm not sure if it's vachetta or not, since it doesn't tan like's probably treated so that's another reason why I wouldn't worry much.
  9. I wouldn't line it. Just use it and love it!
  10. I would not line. For all marks caused by coins, I easily erase away with an eraser.
  11. I don't line mine..
  12. I don't line mine. Use it and enjoy it.
  13. I wouldn't line it... if so, then you'd always be worried about trying not to get the interior dirty... :sweatdrop:

    I'd just leave it as is it and clean the inside weekly.
  14. I line my Porte Monnaie Plat as the dark marks bother me and changing the lining is easy. (I only use a piece of folded paper)
  15. Don't line it.