To keep or to sell...too many black small bags!!!!

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  1. Ok guys, after my European adventures I came home and found a Gucci Disco in black on major sale and of course ordered it. Then I went to my Houston Chanel store and scored THIS.


    Small rect mini lambskin LGHW! I actually owned this bag last fall and sold it (REGRETS) so now she's back. Also I just purchased an amazing WOC with silver CCs in Barcelona that is staying (see pic below). Problem is I HAVE TOO MANY SMALL BLACK BAGS.


    These dont even include a Gucci patent clutch, Chanel 225 reissue and m/l flap all in black. So - what to sell? My gut says sell the classic lambskin WOC and the Chloe small Marcie. I do own a rose beige Gucci disco as well so Im wondering if I need two discos? Do I need two WOCs?? They are different but both black and silver lamb. Ahhh help!!
  2. I would sell the classic WOC (your mini has the same specs) and the marcie (I don't think it is special enough IMO). The disco is practical of course but you need to decide if you really need 2 discos.
  3. I'm probably not going to be of any help here, but IMO, if you don't need the money and use all of the bags, I would just keep them all!:biggrin: While all black, they can all be used in different settings (evening vs shopping/ formal vs casual etc). That being said, If I had to get rid of two, I would also get rid of the classic WOC and Marcie. In the end, it depends on which ones you use the most and get the most enjoyment out of.
    Gorgeous collection and good luck with your decision!
  4. Do you need to sell? If not, I wouldn't , great help isn't it?

    Maybe the only one I might sell, if it were my bags, is the Cloe one. They (Chloe bags) seem to be less classic and while in demand now, probably not in demand in say 5-10 years (imo). So if you think you don't need that one, you could sell it now to get better resale value.
  5. Ok the Chloe is definitely going first...!
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  6. + 1

    And keep the rest! You will regret selling the Chanels.
  7. Get rid of the Chloe, one of the WOCs and also the rose beige Gucci Disco.

    Keep the black disco, the chanel mini, and one of the WOCs. ((I prefer keeping the classic WOC)) as well as your other bags that you have.
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  8. Honestly, I'd keep all of them. I'm the type of person to buy the same style in multiple colors if I love it. If funds aren't an issue I'd keep all of them. If you must get rid of one, I'd sell the Chloe.
  9. Many black bags but all different styles! If you use them all, KEEP.
  10. I'd sell the WOC (because you have the mini) and the Gucci Soho because you have the same thing in another color. Keep the Chloe (I'm saying that because I want it but never got around to bringing her home)!
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  11. You could also give it a bit of time, see which bags you reach for the most and sell the least used ones! :smile:
  12. gucci looks really boring! i'd sell that instantly (just my opinion) i'd sell the chanel beside gucci too...
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  13. I would sell the Chloe and the black Disco. The rest might all be black bags, but they vary enough to keep if you can! Each bag can be used in various occasions.
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  14. I am a lover of black bags but I agree you can get rid of a couple of these and like your instincts. I would immediately get rid of the Chloe. It's meh and I think it will date. I would also get rid of this WOC as your mini is stunning and covers that look / use.

    Great score on the mini BTW! :tup:
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  15. Here is how I see them (for what it's worth). The Chloe and Gucci are more casual to me so I'd keep one and let the other go. You seem to have decided on letting go of the Chloe so hopefully that helps. Between all of your Chanel, I would definitely not let go of your mini...such a versatile and beautiful bag. I am personally not a fan of big logos so I'd let go of the one with silver CCs. Good luck!
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