To keep or not to keep!

  1. I just got the neverfull MM this past weekend and I am having second thoughts about it already. I really don't know if I want to keep or not? What do you guys think? Help! Should I go ahead and wait for the Tivoli or should I keep the Neverfull and get the Tivoli in November?
  2. I would think it over for a few more days to see if you are still having second thoughts. Keep it only if you are going to use it. Otherwise, you can put the money towards Tivoli or a fab wallet to match Tivoli. :smile:
  3. I think that if you are not completly 100% satistified returned it.
  4. Return it if you are not 100% in love.
  5. I'd return it... not really a fan of the bag... it looks too flimsy.

    Get the Tivoli!
  6. Personally I love my neverfull MM, it's so spacious and I always used it for shopping, can just throw everything in. Guess it's up to the individual..
  7. Agree!!
  8. I love my Neverfull GM. It's a practical design and light. Great to use for shopping and travelling.

    If you don't like it, return it and get something that you will use.
  9. keep it for a couple more days but if you still feel the same then exchange it for something you really LOVE!

    i waitlisted for this but didnt get it. i'm not really a fan of the neverfull. there are a couple of ladies here who like it and who don't for various reasons. it looks flimsy and i'm not really the tote-bag kind of girl :tdown:
  10. If you don't totally, 100% love it now, you'll always have doubts...get something you really :heart:!!!
  11. Go with your gut feelings. good luck.
  12. Return it if you dont love it.
  13. no sense in spending money for something you are not happy about...return it and wait for the tivoli, it looks quite gorgeous!
  14. Return it, i think you know when you love a bag within the first day. I brought a damier Marais, didnt love it th enext and i returned it.
  15. If you're not 100% sure, return it. But I'd give it a day or so. Try it out in your house with stuff in it and see how you feel. I personally LOVE mine, but hey thats just me ;)