To keep my LV or not to keep it?

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  1. Last month I was in Paris and I bought a Damier Salsa in the large size. I decided to buy one because I saw women all over Paris with them. I got it home and now I am not so sure I like it. I've tried it on a bunch of times and I'm not sure I like the flap, I am more used to bags that are open on the top. Maybe I feel like that because it's spring and the bag is dark? I am not a big fan of the monogram canvas but I am wondering if maybe I should have gone with one of those instead...?

    I am not sure I can return this to LV now that I am back in the states... what to do, what to do... :wacko:

    Should I keep it and see if this is just a weird stage?? :cry:
  2. Roo, could you please post pics? I'm not familiar with the Salsa...
    But if you have doubts now, then maybe you can do an exchange at the LV near you?
  3. I love damier and I love the salsa. Did you purchase it only because you saw it on others or you really like it?

    If you like it keep it fall will be here before you know it and when the bad weather arrives you may be glad the bag isn't always open.

    If you "know" you won't use it then exchange or sell.
  4. Cate, here's a link from elux:

    Serendipity. to be honest, I love the design of the bag and just wish it had a zipper opening on top. I am worried the opening/closing of the flap is going to drive me nuts. The large Damier salsa was hard to find- only one store in Paris had them in stock.
  5. I'd like to see pic's.

    Maybe it might be a fall winter bag for you..Is it big enough for you to use for travel?
  6. if you don't love it. sell it. i don;t think u can return it.... i know the feeling. i'm still learning.
  7. Its now out of stock at elux. I will go to LV and look. Its alot of money spent to have doubt. Get rid of it. I say purchase the one you love or wait until one comes out that makes you so happy you can't put it down!
  8. Oh crud. Go to elux and search "damier musette" it will come up that way so you can see what it looks like.
  9. I was also wrong about the name. There are two musette bags. The one I bought is the larger one that measures 12 x14

    Edit: It looks like it is in stock at exlux- not sure why my link does not work?
  10. I don't know. Went to lv and picked salsa I think this ^^ is it.
    I love the musette! I find these bags are sleek. But flaps aren't for everyone.
  11. Sorry ladies, I am confused, not enough coffee today. LOL! The bag is the damier musette that measures 12x14 :P
  12. According to the LV site it is simply the MUSETTE

    I believe the salsa is the smaller version.

    Thank you all for your patience. I've the peri-menopausal brain today. :love:
  13. You ladies made me brave- I called LV in Seattle and they said they can probably exchange it for me- to bring it in.

    But the question is... WHAT TO BUY???? :lol:
  14. wow thats good news! what are you hoping to get instead???