To get nails done or leave natural


Natural or Fake?

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  2. Go with the pink & white

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  1. OK.. I have always (since I was about 15) had my nails done, Pink & white acrylic, I keep them shorter and get them done every 2 weeks so they never took bad. Well for the past year or so I have had them off and left my natural nails alone, The problem is that I dont (wont) paint my nails, it chips right off no matter what and when they grow they just look unmanicured even though they are manicured so i keep them very short and clear. I am thinking about going back to pink & white nails just to look more put together. yay or nay?
  2. I used to have my nails done too, love the french tip so I too did it every two weeks, for about 18 months. They looked great but honestly I would never go back to acrylic nails, they did so much harm to my natural nails they took forever to get better and stronger. I think your nails are dry and that is the reason why your polish always chip, KNWIM?? I read iin my Shape Magazine:

    "Avoid lacquer altogether for 2-3 days once a month, letting nails go naked gives them a chance to rehydrate and most nails hold on to polish better than brittle, dry ones"
  3. I have the answer to your problem. Get some Barielle Natural Nail Camouflage. It's a polish. It makes your natural nails look light pink, helps them grow out and be healthy, and best of stays on perfectly for at least a week. I have been using it for a month now and it is the best nail product I have ever used. Give it a try, you will be glad you did!
  4. ^^ where do you buy it? The thing about light pink nail polish is i dont like the way it looks on the tips, Maybe because im used to having white tips so pink tips looks strange to me, lol
  5. I leave mine natural..keeps my nails healthier. I do use nail polish though..I always have it on.
  6. I say get the acrylic or gel nails done. Instead of the pink & white, get the natural of both worlds! So then you would have the white tips you love & "skin" colored nail bed.
    This is what I have & I love how nice & neat it looks :smile:
  7. I bought mine on eBay because I couldn't find it around here. It is probably available from lots of online merchants if you didn't want to mess with eBay. If you need to have white tips, then I guess you should go with the fakes, or buy a french manicure kit and do it yourself. The Barielle product just looks like a healthy natural nail, you can see thru the polish unless you put on too many coats.
  8. I prefer acrylics because they always look perfect. Most of the women I see with natural nails, the tips are yellowish, and to me that just looks nasty. The only way I like the look of natural nails is with dark polish. Otherwise, I like pink and white acrylics.
  9. I just had mine put back on today. I was natural for over a year...I just could not get them stay perfect. They are now!! AND my rings look FAB on my hands!! I have missed them!

  10. I think this has convinced me :shame:
  11. I was getting sooooo frustrated with my nail polish chipping literally hours after applying that I almost was going to get acrylic nails put on just so the polish would stay on my nails, even though I much prefer natural nails.

    Then I read somewhere to do this.....

    1. buff your nails with one of those blocks and lightly remove excess with a paper towel. Do not touch nail beds with fingers after buffing as the oils from your fingers will get on them.

    2. apply basecoat

    3. apply thin layer nail color

    4. apply basecoat (yes, a second time)

    5. apply nail color

    6. apply Seche Vite top coat

    I can't believe these steps actually make my nail polish last for at least 7 days after doing this. :yahoo:

    I finally love my natural nails!!!
  12. I wish I could post a pic of before and after to show you the difference!! For me...its fake for a long while...
  13. I wish I could have acrylics, for some reason I guess I have a odd reaction, my natural nail actually lifts from the nail bed about 4 weeks after I put them on! Ick.
  14. I'm totally biased here. I don't really like the look of acrylics (and especially not pink and whites).. so I'd choose natural. To each his own though; if you absolutely love acrylics, go for it! It's all about what you feel better in.
  15. acrylics are so bad for your nails! as long as your natural nails aren't yellow, or long and nasty, say go natural, at least until they heal. i usually put on some cuticle oil every day if that helps.