To everybody with greige bags! Question!

  1. Hi there!
    First of all :welcome::welcome: from Duesseldorf/Germany to all my fellow-purse-maniacs.
    I am a new member of this forum and
    I´m planning to buy a City in greige.
    It would be my first Balenciaga.
    I am wondering if the color is very delicate or not. So, if there are some of you out there who have owned a bag in this color for a while, I would be happy to hear from your experiences.
    Ah, and do you think the color works fine with brown clothes? :confused1:

  2. I have a Greige Twiggy, which I don't use very often (but that's because my bag collection is above 80! :wtf:), so I cannot comment on how well it wears. However, greige is a lovely warm grey with brown undertones, so it goes perfect with browns/beiges and even black!

    And welcome to tPF!
  3. Hi Roxane!
    Thank you for your answer! I´m so happy about everything I can find out because I haven´t seen one in RL yet.
    80 bags? All Balenciagas? OMG! Now you got me envious!
    Enjoy + thanks again
  4. I have a greige city and I absolutely adore it!! :tender: It's held up well (it's been 7 months), although I feel like my dag has gotten a bit darker with time. Definitely not as "fragile" as white or calcaire, but still an amazing neutral, IMO! Go for it, greige is a fab color and works well with almost every color (even brown! :happydance:)
  5. Welcome to tPF!

    I have a greige city and do not find it a delicate color, as it goes with almost everything. However, sometimes if I'm wearing a neutral grey top or pants, I do not carry my greige city because the warm beige undertone conflicts with the "cooler" neutral grey clothing. This is the only problem I have come across with greige. Otherwise, you can wear it with black, brown, and bright colors! Hope that helps.
  6. Hi Luckycharm!
    Thanks for encouraging me! I´m still a little unsure if I should spend about 800 Euros on the bag. But you are so right about the "not getting out of live alive" thing. WE should be good to ourselves (if not, who will??) Nice to hear from California. I´ve been there 10 years ago and I want to go again so bad!! :beach:
  7. Yes, I find the only problem is with cooler greys, because the two are similar in intensity, so the coolness of grey vs warmth of greige becomes apparent. But otherwise, greige goes very well with the predominantly warm colours in my wardrobe.
  8. Very good, very good, thank you for being so helpful. I do not own that many clothes in cool gray shades, only in darker grays. That should work if I understand you correctly.
  9. i love greige! it goes withe everything.. but my handles have darkened.

    definitely go for it.. greige was my first Balenciaga toooo
  10. Yes, the darker the gray (i.e., closer to charcoal), then it should be fine. :tup:
  11. I have a greige first...I wear it with practically everything.

    Is it a fragile color? More so than a black or dark blue, that's for sure. But it definitely handles life better than white! I use For Handles Only on the handles and that seems to be keeping them from darkening too quickly.