To Epi Wallet Owners... can you do me a favor?


Jan 29, 2006
Can you take a picture of the wallet open, and of the LV stamp? Any one of the Epi wallets will do.

Sorry, I hope this is okay to ask! Thanks so much. :shame:
No-- I had a baaaad experience with Ebay once (someone stole my item photos). Yuck. But, looks like the bloggers in this purse blog are trustworthy and just want to help each other out. :smile: Unfortunately I don't have my Epi wallet anymore... I gave it to my mother as a gift to match her epi pochette (in red!!). Otherwise, I would have helped you out. But if you ever have questions about MC, Cerises, and Vernis, I have made myself keen on the details of what's real...and what's not. So let me know if you ever need my help.