To Epi Wallet Owners... can you do me a favor?

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  1. Can you take a picture of the wallet open, and of the LV stamp? Any one of the Epi wallets will do.

    Sorry, I hope this is okay to ask! Thanks so much. :shame:
  2. Here's my epi compact wallet

    Attached Files:

  3. Just wondering... what do you need these photos for IntlSet? Thanks : )
  4. Hi Vuitton! I want to buy one from Ebay but I have no idea what they should look like. Don't worry, I'm not going to use them for any devious reasons.
  5. THANKS Kitty!
  6. Ok : ) Cool.
  7. lol Are you policing, Vuittonhammie? :smile:
  8. No-- I had a baaaad experience with Ebay once (someone stole my item photos). Yuck. But, looks like the bloggers in this purse blog are trustworthy and just want to help each other out. :smile: Unfortunately I don't have my Epi wallet anymore... I gave it to my mother as a gift to match her epi pochette (in red!!). Otherwise, I would have helped you out. But if you ever have questions about MC, Cerises, and Vernis, I have made myself keen on the details of what's real...and what's not. So let me know if you ever need my help.
  9. hehe Aww, Vuitton, I was just teasing! I know what you mean, I wouldn't want people stealing my photos either.
  10. I can take pics of compact in black and in red tomorrow because it's themiddle of the night and the light isn't that good.
  11. Thanks Tanja! That's nice of you.
  12. Here are more pics of my Tassili Jaune Epi Snap wallet, Intlset!

  13. Here's one more...

  14. Wow, Robbie, thank you! You've been so helpful, especially in the Seller Watch forum! Love you.:amuse:
  15. IntlSet, I find that MyPoupette is the best way to authenticate items. Some sellers even have a refund for MyPoupette's $5 service fee. :smile: