To buy or not to buy...

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  1. We bought a mini bow bag (in polline) for my sil's birthday.

    I really like the shape of the mini bow.

    Would it be bad of me to get a mini bow for myself ? It would definitely be in a different colour to hers though as I am eyeing a really vibrant purple or green.

    Or should I get the normal sized bow bag ?

    Or should I avoid it altogether ?
  2. if u like it - go for it!
  3. I doesn't matter your sil has one...there are tons of other strangers that have it as well...

    As for the mini and the regular size, that depends...I love the regular size but I am 5'9, it depends on what you're gonna use it for and how much stuff you carry with you too.
  4. I am only 5'2... so the mini bow is better for me.

    I might hold off so she can enjoy her bag for a while.

    Hopefully she is not afraid of using it. It is too gorgeous to be hidden away.
  5. If you really like it.... get it....

    getting it in a pop up colour be really nice!