To buy or not to buy?

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  1. I've been dying to get these for ages now:

    Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Klara, $1100

    Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore Sologne, $1230


    Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Pochette Accessoires Lexington, $580

    I don't really want to get ALL of them together, as I have more than enough bags as it is :wondering. 3 problems:

    1. I've spent more than $1000 before on my Monogram Multicolore Trouville, Monogram Denim Neo-Speedy and Monogram Canvas Manhattan PM, but is it worth buying the Klara for $1100? There doesn't seem to be anything really special about it, but I think it's adorable and I'm so in love with it :love:.

    2. I already have the Monogram Canvas Musette Salsa, along with two other messenger bags from Fendi, Dior and Burberry, so do I really need another one? And again, is it worth paying $1230 for the Sologne?

    3. I love this bag solely for its color, the Perle. I have other pochettes from Dior, Burberry, Gucci and Fendi, and I also have the white Monogram Multicolore Pochette Accessoires. So do I really need another one?

    Do we ever really actually need any of the bags that we have?

    Check this out; is it authentic?

    Also, I'll be posting up pictures of my entire handbag/purse collection as soon as my boyfriend returns my camera :P.

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  2. i love the klara and the pochette, however you stated you already had the manhattan pm which i think is somewhat similar in style. not to mention the price. i would go with the pochette... it is a beautiful color.
  3. wow! it seems like you've already got a wonderful collection of bags! you know what? i say if you love bag number ONE then totally get it... if you fall in love :love: with a bag you'll have it for ever! after all its in monogram canvas - its a classic material! :amuse:
  4. I personaly think if you have money why not go for it heck if i had money like that i would spend it like crazy!!!!I have a really nice baby phat purse and i love it but i am looking into dior for my next purse.
  5. I know you have the Manhattan and it's similar to the Klara but I just adore both. I have the Manhattan too and I think they're different enough to warrant getting a Klara. It's smaller than the Manhattan and just looks different. I like it!:biggrin:
  6. I like the Klara a lot. It is so adorable. The Lexington vernis clutch is cute, but really does not fit a lot in. My friend has it, but it fits way less than mini sac speedy and even less than the epi and the monogram pochette. It might not be practical.
  7. I'm not an expert, but two things bother me;

    She says it comes with an authenticity card. I have bought many LV items before, and never have they come w/such thing. All it usually comes w/is 2 tags and sometimes the small care booklet.

    In addition, she says it's a bag from 2006, but if you look at the dust cover, it's the darker velvety kind. All my LV items in the past 1-1.5 years have come w/the lighter, more yellowish cotton/linenish looking cover.

    Maybe someone else can help out!
  8. that's what i thought too, but i was looking at the closeups and it didn't look too bad. anyway we'll see...
  9. I'm uncomfortable with this because here it doesn't even say "Made in ?" under the logo, plus it's crooked:


    And here, it says "Made in Spain" but I think that line should be visibly smaller than "LOUIS VUITTON PARIS," not the same font size:

  10. definately fake - way crooked and the font on the inside tag is wrong - the O's should be more circular.
  11. Yeap, agree it's a fake. The bag looks to round and the handles aren't right5.
    I would buy at a LV store. I just love the Klara and it's totally different from the Manhattan.
  12. If you really love the style get it :biggrin: Can't have too much of a good thing...well sometimes!
  13. thanks for all your opinions!
    what do we think on the sologne and lexington though?
  14. Oh, and I've been thinking about this too:


    Monogram Multicolore Shirley, $770 (the price has gone up over the last 24 hours, i think)

    It's not very useful, but I think it's really cute :love:!

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