to buy or not to buy that is here the question

  1. hey ladies i need your advice here:flowers:
    as some of you mabe know i ordered a fushia croc birkin ( due to be delivered this year) but just some minutes ago my sa gave me a call and said that they just received a wonderful 32 cm chevre kelly fushia too. should i take it even if it is the same colour like my ordered birkin :hrmm: i am really lost at this very moment
  2. Well, a fuchsia Chevre Kelly is one of my dream bags, so you know my answer! It's an entirely different look than a fuchsia croc Birkin and may be more wearable in some instances... :smile:
  3. Aaah....several gals around here have that kelly and it's a beauty!! Do you "want" a kelly? Are you just thinking you should take what's available? I think that becomes an issue for some who are waiting and waiting....The 2 styles are very different and I'm sure you would use them for different reasons - IMO, I would not need 2 bags in the same color considering how many beautiful colors there are!! I might consider a croc in a different color though...
  4. I saw the fushia croc birkin and it is really an art piece. If I had special ordered one, I'd stray away from another fushia colored bag... making my Birkin the one and only fushia bag...

    I personally would get the 32 kelly in another color, like Blue jean~
  5. shoes.
    no it is not about "taking whatever i get offered" my sa calls me very very often whenever something arrives ;) and she is so good in seducing me :lol: :shame:
  6. lilach - That 32cm fuchsia chevre Kelly is my avatar (if it's rigide). I love this color and Kelly so much. Both bags are different and the leathers are different. Some people have 3,4,5,10 black bags and you will have 2 fuchsia bags if you end up getting it!
  7. I can't offer any good advice because I am just drooling over fuschia kellys, and it is even harder knowing that its chevre. So although I want to say no you don't need 2 fuschia bags, I just can't bring myself to do it. A fuschia chevre kelly is simply TDF!
  8. I'd get the Fuschia Kelly and the Birkin in another croc color. Maybe something dark....You really don't need 2 Fuschia bags and the Kelly will be a stand-out, simply stunning bag!
  9. I love Fuschia Kellys- I'm the wrong person to ask! LOL
  10. Take the Kelly and the Birkin too,...
  11. have you seen the croc birkin in real?
  12. The fushia Kelly sounds wonderful!! The croc Birkin does too!! Oh I'm no help...I've got my own
  13. How about a 30cm Croc Birkin in Black instead????
  14. I can see it now....Fuschia Kelly and Black Croc Birkin! OMG......
  15. well the point is i can´t change the croc order (blue jean would be my second choice) and black and beige rose croc are already in the waiting line (orders are accepted )and i really love fuschia croc so even if i could i would not change it :shame: i simple do not know what to do but my sa will keep it until friday and when i don´t take it i will let you know in case someonme over here wants it ;) :flowers:
    arghjjhjh i hate hermès for always beeing so tempting to buy something that was not on your list until you hear about it :rant: :lol: