To buy or not to buy.... grape chicklet

Grape Chicklet... yes or no?

  • GET IT! You must have the chicklet wallet!

  • Save your money, you won't use it and you still want a velvet leather bag.

  • Get the chicklet and save hard for the velvet later.

  • Hold off on the chicklet and try to find it somewhere down the road on sale.

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~*~ addicted ~*~
Feb 26, 2008
Alright my loverlies... I know I can trust you to help me make a logical decision (put on your thinking caps!).

Here's the low-down... I adore grape crunch leather. I have a Minilisa in it and I have an Up Close and Personal (tote bag if you don't know) on the way...I'm assuming I will keep the UCAP because it looks so functional and it's grape!

Someone posted pics of the grape chicklet wallet and I'm in :heart:! However I don't typically use wallets, only wristlets because they are easier to use plus I want to buy something in velvet leather still this season and I'm a student (albeit I have three jobs but still... I'm not rich!).

So, do I get it cause I love it and it will match two of my bags and be a compliment to my others or do I save my money and get my velvet leather bag and maybe pick it up down the road if I find it again later???:confused1::confused1::confused1:

HELP! SOS! :sweatdrop:


Live. Laugh. Love.
Nov 15, 2007
Sounds to me like maybe you should hold off, since you prefer wristlets (I'm the same way, and that's why I've not gotten a Chicklit yet). Wait till you get your velvet leather bag, and then look for a Chicklit down the road if your urge to purchase is still there.

Easier said than done... :smile:


Feb 10, 2008
Haha TK you're so cute!! Personally, I would wait for velvet leather. Not that I don't adore the Chicklit...and the grape (oh my gah I love my grape Boogie:love:) but if you use wristlets more often, and money is a semi-issue--then I would wait for velvet. I'm in a similar situation now deciding whether or not to sell some bags for LRC money! I'd give it a bit until you have all of your grape bags in tow and who knows...maybe you'll have gotten your fix by those awesome bags alone! Plus, there's always Ebay IF the grape color goes m.i.a. later;)


May 29, 2008
Don't do it, TK! You said it yourself, you prefer wristlets, and you really want that velvet bag! Heck, I knew that and I've only been here a short while! The dazzling Grape color is luring you, but hold out!


~*~ addicted ~*~
Feb 26, 2008
Right now I'm using a lilac and silver wristlet with a black card case inside my grape minilisa. I use the wristlet for essentials and the card case for all the "extra" cards like to the grocery store and what not.

I have, literally....... a good 30-40 Coach wristlets and 3 Coach wallets and 3 Coach card cases. My Coach wallets are pink, aqua and chocolate brown. Wristlets in every color under the sun. Card cases in brown, black and white leather.

tano expert

Oct 18, 2006
GIRL, be strong.... YOU DONT NEED IT! It will be hidden in your bag. No one will see it in there. RESIST THE URGE!!!


Judge Roughneck
Apr 25, 2008
I was going to say get it but then I read the whole thread and I'm actually gonna exercise RESTRAINT (omg!)!!!!!! You probably won't use it - I'll get my raspberry soon, you can Chicklit vicariously through me :biggrin: