to buy? not to buy? the Speedy 40?...BUT !@#$%

  1. :tup:
    Firstly I went to Gucci and bought two wallets...(the same lady served me...and when i bought my first wallet from her...she was BAD...head up...eyes down...'the talk'...yesterday she was GOOD! she said...'you bought here before! :smile: ' and didn't do the...head up...eyes down...and the bad talk...its funny how they're like that...

    Sorry about the GUCCI story!
    now...i walked to LV...and this lady looked at me...(her head was up high! eyes down! eyelashes up high!)
    and i said...'Hi, i'm looking for a bag...'
    and she...*two hands up, shoulders up and down, head left to right* and said...'the bags? ARE HERE'

    then i asked...'Can i have a look at the Speedy 40 please?'
    then she...SIGHed shaking her head...walking to the back, and brought the speedy 40 THEN with her two hands...banged the bag onto the counter..."THIS is the SPEEDY 40"

    I looked at the size and thought...(wow...this is small...) then i said...
    'can i please have a look at the Keepall 45 please?'
    then she SIGHS and asked...'shoulder strap? no shoulder strap?'
    (i replyed 'no shoulder strap?') she walked up stairs...brought it down...
    then i looked at it...and asked...'Can i use it as a shoulder bag too?' (like the Gucci duffel bags...)
    then she exclaims...

    i replyed...'oh...' and just said..."thank you" and she said..."your WELCOME" and i just walked out...
    Did i do anything wrong?

    i don't understand why she was like that...Sorry for the long post...:tdown:
  2. It sounds like she was a little grumpy! Sorry you had such a crummy experience!
  3. OMG what a B****, why'd she do that to you? terrible costumer service, you should file a complain or something. She is mean!!
  4. Get the speedy 40 I wanted it for myself and what I do when arrogant sale assistants act like that at any store! I make them show me even more things and end up not buying anything it's their job...
  5. After asking her to show me some bags and then getting a response like that, I'd have asked her finally to show me some manners. Expensive bags they may be, but good manners should at least come free. :censor:
  6. ^ Goodness. I'm a poet, and I didn't... realise. :p
  7. hehehehehe...make her (them) show and show and show...! mmmmm...i should have done that!
  8. !!! :tup::tup::tup: YES! best idea!

    Can you show me the...speedy 40 please?
    can you show me the...keepall 45 please?
    now show me...MANNERS, who's the manager???
  9. What a *****. :sad:
  10. Arghh, snooty, unfriendly SAs...don't they know they could lose potential customers? It doesn't matter if she was having a bad day/PMS, she should still have given you decent customer service. Complain!!
  11. uggh, hate rude SA's...they completely turn you off. sorry to hear that happened to you :sad:
  12. wowie. is it just me or has there been a spike in the bad SA stories lately? it's so sad..
  13. Wow what a biotch! I kept asking about the speedys a few days ago when I got mine and my SA was happy to bring out a bag after he already put it away with no huffing or anything, he let me play with them for like 30 mins and just checked on me every once in a while....

    I actually told him how nice he was and he actually said he's heard a lot of stories of other SA being really rude.. it was pretty funny..

    Sorry you had to go through that!! Good thing you didn't buy anything ( I wouldn't have if the SA was rude to me!) And you totally didn't do anything wrong its their job, some just don't realize that!
  14. I'd have chewed her out... she's kinda missing Marketing/Sales 101 there.... bit*y SAs do really deter me from buying stuff, and others too - rightfully so!
  15. What a B****! I would have totally said something to her and asked for the head manager. I'm glad you walked out and didn't buy anything