To all LV ladies that know gucci too....

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  1. This has to be a typo. Similar GUcci bags are selling at $725-$790.
  2. It just let me purchase it for that amount so we'll see what happens. I guess I got a deal if I actually receive it.
  3. Yeah, the price should definitely be higher than that. If you get for that price, that's awesome! :nuts:
  4. tell if you get it for that price..I could snatch me up one real quick before they correct the price.

    And to be fair you should get it for that price anyways it's their typo...instores if they misprice, they have to honor it.
  5. Hello, please keep Gucci discussion in Gucci. The sub forum may not be as popular as LV, but people do frequent it. :yes:
  6. Ooh same here!
    Not getting my hopes up though lol.
  7. I just ordered it too!! Imagine getting this lovely bag for such a small amount!!!
  8. I ordered it too. Did anyone receive a confirmation email about it? I haven't gotten it yet.
  9. does anyone know a Neiman Marcus coupon code that can be sued for this?
  10. I'm assuming you meant USED. Use code BEST for FS
  11. LMAO...i did mean used..hehe thanks for the code!
  12. i am trying my luck with this also. I totally forgot about finding a code though!
  13. Well count me in - couldn't resist!
  14. DOH! I should've waited a few minutes and gotten a free shipping code. Oh well.
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