To all Germans! Balenciaga in Germany!

  1. heey

    I am heading to Munich and Stuttgart next week and was wondering where I can find a store(s) that carries balenciaga in these areas.

    Please let me know
  2. Germany
    Theresa (Munich); +49-89-224845
    Modehaus Eickhoff (Duesseldorf); +49-211 - 86 20 11
    Departmentstore Quartier 206 (Berlin); +49-30-20 25 20 59
    Van Ravenstein (Berlin); 49(0)30 31004602

    Cut & Paste from Ateliernaff....
  3. Yes Cal .... and I think there's also 'Petra Teufel in Hamburg' , isn't it ?! But unfortunately I don't know the phone-number, sorry ! ;) Tanja, please help !
  4. Mmmmmm.......Hamburg(ers).
  5. Sorry but I don't know the number of Petra Teufel either.
    The best adress at the mo" is theresa here in Munich because they got tons of cities and purses in all pre-fall colours.
    if you want we can meet up and I go with you to theresa and we have a coffee, just an offer.