Tivoli PM, Damier NF MM, or Azur Galliera PM ??

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  1. Which one should I get??? I heard the Tivoli loses its shape very easliy, the NF is just too common and The Galliera is sort of out of my budget. Help!!!
  2. Yes NF is too common. Im not a fan of Galliera. So, my answer is Tivoli, so cute.
  3. [​IMG]

    i'm biased love it, if you like it.....its worth the extra JMO.....good luck x
  4. I've been stuffing my Tivoli quite a bit but no, it doesn't lose its shape! I love its pleats and bowler shape...so unique and feminine! So I'd vote for it!
  5. I think it's the Tivoli GM that is more trouble in terms of losing it's shape - from wearing it on the shoulder and your arm pressing against the pleats. You shouldn't have any trouble with the PM. It's a darling bag.
  6. I'm very much in love with the Tivoli PM. I think it will be my next LV.
  7. Out of the 3, Tivoli!
  8. Galleria! It's just so beautiful!
  9. Tivoli
  10. I vote galliera AZUR :smile: